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Apply Themes to Photo Album Presentations in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Learn how to apply Themes to your Photo Album presentation in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. You can change the appearance of your slides instantly by using different Themes.

Once you create a Photo Album, notice that the default template for Photo Album is a black background with white text. You can go ahead and use this template, but you can easily change the appearance of the slides by applying a new Theme to your Photo Album presentation. Of course, you can do this task outside the Photo Album presentation, in the normal way that you apply a Theme. But you can also apply a Theme right within the Photo Album dialog box.

Follow these steps to apply Theme to a Photo Album in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows:

  1. Open your existing Photo Album presentation. In Figure 1, below you can see some of the slides contained in our Photo Album presentation.

  2. Figure 1: Some slides within a Photo Album presentation
  3. Now choose the Insert tab | Photo Album | Edit Photo Album option, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2.

  4. Figure 2: Edit Photo Album option
  5. Doing so opens the Edit Photo Album dialog box, as shown in Figure 3. Here you'll find the Theme option (highlighted in red within Figure 3).

  6. Figure 3: Edit Photo Album dialog box

  7. By default, the plain Office Theme with a black background and white text is applied. To change to a new Theme, click the Browse... button (refer to the area highlighted in red within Figure 3 above).
  8. This opens the Choose Theme dialog box, as shown in Figure 4, displaying all the Microsoft Office built-in Themes on your system. You can also navigate to any other folder that has Theme files. In fact, you can also apply any other PowerPoint file as a Theme. So, you can also select any existing PPTX file to apply its in-built Theme.

  9. Figure 4: Choose Theme dialog box
  10. Choose any of the Themes, and click the Select button (highlighted in red within Figure 4 above).
  11. Doing so will take you back to Edit Photo Album dialog box. You can see the path of the folder containing the Theme you have selected (highlighted in red within Figure 5).

  12. Figure 5: Path of the folder containing selected Theme
  13. Now click the Update button (highlighted in blue within Figure 5 above).
  14. Notice that the Theme of your entire Photo Album presentation has changed, as shown in Figure 6, below (compare with Figure 1, shown earlier on this page).

  15. Figure 6: Photo Album presentation with a new Theme applied
  16. Save your Photo Album presentation.

Apply Themes Outside the Photo Album Dialog Box

Alternatively, as already stated earlier on this page, you can apply or change the Theme of your Photo Album from the Themes gallery of the Design tab of the Ribbon.

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