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Add OneDrive Accounts to Office Mobile

Learn how to add a OneDrive account in Office Mobile.

Archived Content

Content on this page is not recent and has been retained for historical reasons.

SkyDrive or OneDrive?

Some screenshots in this tutorial may show SkyDrive rather than OneDrive, and that's OK because SkyDrive is the older name for OneDrive.

We already showed you how you can navigate within a PowerPoint presentation within Office Mobile for iOS. Now, let us explore how you can open and save presentations saved in your OneDrive account.

When you sign in using your Office 365 account credentials, you immediately get access to all the files stored on the cloud for that particular Office 365 account. However, you may have a different OneDrive account too where you share or store your PowerPoint files. To access any of these files, you need to add what Office Mobile calls a "place". A place is a location, typically another OneDrive account that Office Mobile can connect to.

OneDrive Account

If you have a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Xbox, Outlook, Zune, Live, etc.), then, you already have a OneDrive account.

Follow these steps to add a OneDrive account to your Office Mobile:

  1. Within Office Mobile, click the Open tab, highlighted in blue within Figure 1, below.

  2. Figure 1: Open places in Office Mobile
  3. You will see your existing Office 365 account already displayed here. And you can click this option to navigate any existing files. However, since we want to add a OneDrive account now, click the Add a Place option, highlighted in red within Figure 1, above.

  4. Doing so open up the Add a Place screen, as shown in Figure 2, below. You can add OneDrive, Office 365 SharePoint, and SharePoint accounts. For now, click the SkyDrive option, highlighted in red within Figure 2.

  5. Figure 2: Add SkyDrive as a place
  6. You will see a Connecting screen, as shown in Figure 3, below.

  7. Figure 3: Connecting to SkyDrive
  8. You next see a Sign in screen, as shown in Figure 4, below. Type in your Microsoft account username and password. And then, click the blue Sign in button.

  9. Figure 4: Sign in to SkyDrive
  10. You will next see your OneDrive account added to your Places list, as shown in Figure 5, below.

  11. Figure 5: Your SkyDrive account is now accessible
  12. You can similarly add multiple places. You won't have to log in every time since Office Mobile will save the credentials. To remove a place, swipe a place name from right to left so that you see the Remove button shown in Figure 6, below. Tap this button to remove a place.

  13. Figure 6: Remove a place

All listed places work like folders on your computer. You can even open a presentation from one place and save it to another. For any of this to work, you need to be connected online all the time.