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Views in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Learn about various views that allow you to edit and show slides in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. Do you use all these views?

Introducing the Views

In PowerPoint 2011, some of the views remain unchanged from PowerPoint 2008. However, the Presenter View has gone through a complete makeover, and looks entirely different. PowerPoint 2011 continues to provide seven different editing views, in addition, there are two more views, the Outline and Slide Show views. You can switch between all of these nine views with a click or two, or even by using keyboard shortcuts.

To access most of these views, you'll need to choose options from the View menu, as shown in Figure 1. Then click on any of the views available (refer to Figure 1 again). Each of these views is explained in more detail later on separate pages. The Slide Show option is not exactly a view but we still discuss it in this series of tutorials.

Figure 1: View menu in PowerPoint 2011

These nine views are:

  1. Normal
  2. Slide Sorter
  3. Notes Page
  4. Presenter View
  5. Slide Master
  6. Handout Master
  7. Notes Master
  8. Outline Pane
  9. Slide Show

Other than the View menu, you can also access some of these views using the three small buttons located on the right edge of the Status Bar (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: View buttons

These three buttons (explained left to right) allow quick access to some of the views:

  1. Brings up the Normal view.
  2. Access the Slide Sorter view
  3. Plays the presentation in Slide Show view starting from the active slide (as does the Shift+F5 key).

If you Shift+click any of these three buttons, the views will change to (explained left to right):

  1. Slide Master view
  2. Handout Master view
  3. Presenter View

Tip: Shortcut Keys

  • F5: Slide Show view
  • Shift+F5: Starts Slide Show view from the current slide
  • Esc: Exit Slide Show

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