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Embed Presentations from PowerPoint Online

Learn to embed presentations from PowerPoint Online.

PowerPoint Online may have fewer options than desktop versions of PowerPoint. Yet, this version does have one option that makes it so easy to share your PowerPoint presentations on your web site or blog post. In this tutorial, let us explore the Embed option, that generates embed code for your presentation.

  1. Make sure you have made all changes to your file. No saving is needed because PowerPoint Online auto-saves your file. Now, click the File tab of the Ribbon. This brings up the Backstage View in PowerPoint Online as shown in Figure 1. Select the Share Pane (highlighted in blue within Figure 1).

  2. Figure 1: Share Pane of the Backstage View
  3. Share Pane includes two options: Share with people and Embed. Click the Embed option to bring up the window shown in Figure 2. Here, click the Generate button (highlighted in red within Figure 2).

  4. Figure 2: Generate button

  5. This brings up the Embed dialog box as shown in Figure 3. Select the required dimension from the Dimensions provided (highlighted in blue within Figure 3) and copy the code within the Embed Code box (highlighted in red within Figure 3). Click the Close button to close the dialog box.

  6. Figure 3: Embed code generated
  7. This copied code can be pasted within the web page where you want to embed the presentation.
  8. The embedded presentation has a bar beneath it with some options, explained below:
  9. Slide Navigation Buttons

  10. These arrow buttons allow you to move to the previous and the next slides.
  11. Menu Button

  12. Click on this button to bring up the menu that you can see in Figure 4 below. Options within this menu allow you to download a copy of the presentation, print the presentation as a PDF, get the embed code to add this presentation to another blog or website. At this time, there is no way to disable these options. Yes, we know you are wondering what Microsoft was thinking when they decided to make all your content available to the entire world without letting you control anything! So be careful before you embed your presentations.

  13. Figure 4: Menu options for your embedded presentation
  14. Open in New Window

  15. This button opens the presentation in a new browser window.