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Remove Places in PowerPoint for iOS - iPad

Learn how you can remove places in PowerPoint for iOS - iPad.

Once you add a Place in PowerPoint for iPad, you may want to remove it. This is especially true if a friend or colleague temporarily added their OneDrive or Dropbox location to work on an urgent file using your iPad or iPhone. Fortunately, it's easy to remove a Place.

Follow these steps to learn more:

  1. First of all, tap your Account picture on the left pane to reveal your Account fly out as shown in Figure 1, below. Notice that there are several OneDrive accounts that we can remove.

  2. Figure 1: The Account fly out
  3. Now click the Edit link on the top right of this fly out, shown highlighted in red within Figure 1, above.
  4. This will change some of the options in the fly out, as shown in Figure 2, below (compare with Figure 1). Notice the red circles with minus signs before some Places in the Connected Services list.

  5. Figure 2: Places you can remove
  6. The moment you tap on any of those red circles, you will see the Remove option, as shown in Figure 3. Below, tap this option.

  7. Figure 3: Tap the Remove option

  8. PowerPoint will ask you to confirm whether you really want to remove this Place. To continue click the Remove option, shown in Figure 4, below.

  9. Figure 4: Confirm if you really want to remove the Place
  10. You will see a Removing Service message briefly, as shown in Figure 5, below.

  11. Figure 5: Removing a service
  12. Tip: Why do you add a Place, and remove a Service? Well, the words Place and Service seem to be used often interchangeably in PowerPoint for iPad. To make it simple for you, remember that all Places you add are connected Services. Thus Places are a subset of Services.
  13. Your Place will now be removed, as shown in Figure 6, below (compare with Figure 1, previously shown on this page).

  14. Figure 6: Place removed