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Account and Sign-In in PowerPoint for iOS - iPad

Learn how to sign in to your Microsoft account in PowerPoint for iOS - iPad.

To really use and benefit with PowerPoint on an iPad, you will have to sign in with your Microsoft Account. So what is a Microsoft Account? It is essentially the email address that you use with Microsoft services such as Hotmail,, Xbox, etc. Most people have at least one Microsoft account, particularly if they have one of the Office 365 subscriptions.

When you run PowerPoint for the first time on your iPad, you are asked to sign in – if you already did so at that point of time, then you need not do anything else now since you are already signed in. On the other hand, if you continued that time without signing in, you can choose to sign in at a later time.

How do you know that you are not signed in? You know that you are not signed in when the orange pane on the left shows no name on the top, as shown highlighted in green within Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: Not signed in yet!

Follow these steps to now sign in with your Microsoft account:

  1. Tap the Sign in button, shown highlighted in green within Figure 1, above.
  2. This will bring up the Sign In window that you can see in Figure 2, below. Type in your email address and tap the Next button.

  3. Figure 2: Sign In window
  4. Now you will need to add your password in the Password field that you see in the next screen, as shown in Figure 3, below. Then tap the Sign in button.

  5. Figure 3: Enter your password
  6. You will now be signed in as shown in Figure 4, below (compare with Figure 1).

  7. Figure 4: Signed in!
  8. Once you are signed in with a particular Microsoft account, then the Office 365 subscription associated with this account will be available to you within PowerPoint for iPad. Additionally, you will also be connected to all the Services associated with the same Microsoft account.