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Creating New Slides: Three Ways in PowerPoint

Did you know these three ways to create slides in PowerPoint? These ways can be used as sequential steps.

This question has been asked so often: how many ways are there to create new slides. There may be many ways, but broadly speaking all these techniques fall into three separate ways. You can use either one of these ways, or all three!

Here are the three ways (see Figure 1):

  1. Add new slides
  2. Import and reuse existing slides
  3. Import a structured outline

Figure 1: 3 ways to create slides

If you see Figure 1, you'll notice that we have represented these three ways by using overlapping circles. This means you don't have to use just one way. You can combine whatever approach works best for you. Taking this further, we changed the overlapping circles to subsequent circles, as shown in Figure 2, below.

Figure 2: 3 ways to create slides in a sequential approach

This indicates that you should explore using a sequential approach, as explained in the following process:

  1. First create a structured outline so that your content has a sequential flow.
  2. Then import any existing slides you want to reuse. These could be slides from your own presentation or those from presentations of colleagues and friends (as long as you have their permission).
  3. Finally add any missing slides directly within your presentation. During this step, you can also add any charts or tables you want to add, or maybe you want to convert some bulleted slides into SmartArt graphics. Pictures too can help your presentation look great if they are relevant to the subject of your presentation.