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What is SmartArt?

Learn more about working with SmartArt within PowerPoint. The SmartArt feature lets you quickly create more effective diagrams.

SmartArt is a diagramming component first introduced within PowerPoint 2007 for Windows, and now available on most platforms where PowerPoint is available including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, for the Web, etc. Among other niceties, SmartArt allows you to replace conventional bullet points with info-graphic content using text within shapes.

Here are some ideas for using SmartArt graphics:

  • Create visual representations to explain concepts and ideas rather than use textual content.
  • Create different types of diagrams such as org charts, matrixes, process flows, lists, cycle diagrams, and more.
  • Match the look and feel of SmartArt graphics with the theme used in the active presentation.
  • Switch between SmartArt layouts to determine which works best for you.

  • Customize existing layouts by adding more shapes, changing colors, and playing with fill, line, and effect options.
  • Work with text within SmartArt graphics using the convenient text pane option.
  • Animate SmartArt graphics as one object, or animate as one object, or as individual objects.

We'll show you how you can learn more about SmartArt graphics with tutorials that include step-by-step instructions. Look at our main SmartArt page.

Also, do explore our SmartArt Samples page.

Working with SmartArt

Do check out this free chapter excerpt from Special Edition: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. The chapter is called Working With SmartArt.

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