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Text Pane for SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

Learn how the Text Pane helps add text content to your SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. In many ways, editing text within SmartArt graphics is more intuitive using the Text Pane.

Although SmartArt graphics contain text, it is not too easy to edit, add, or delete text contained within a shape inside a SmartArt graphic. Thankfully, the Text Pane feature makes this process a whole lot more intuitive!

Change Bulleted Text to SmartArt Graphics

Refer to the Convert Bulleted Text to SmartArt tutorial if you already have bulleted text that you want to convert to a SmartArt graphic.

Follow these steps to work with the Text Pane for SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows:

Showing and Hiding the Text Pane

The Text Pane is usually visible when a SmartArt graphic is selected on the slide. As you can see in Figure 1, below the Text Pane appears on the left side of the SmartArt graphic.

Figure 1: Text Pane

Sometimes you won't see the Text Pane even if you select the SmartArt graphic. In this case, you'll see the bi-directional arrow button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2, below. Yes, you can click this bi-directional arrow button to make the Text Pane visible as previously shown in Figure 1.

Figure 2: Show the Hidden Text Pane

Close the Text Pane

At any point of time, you can close the Text Pane by clicking the x button on the top right corner of the Text Pane.

Working within the Text Pane

Look at Figure 3, below, and you'll find that the bottom part of the Text Pane displays information about the SmartArt graphic variant you are working with. In a later tutorial we will show you how you can change from one SmartArt graphic variant to another.

Figure 3: Add Text

To create a new line of bulleted text in the Text Pane, just press the Enter / Return on your keyboard. Type text within this new line, and you'll see that your SmartArt graphic has a new shape representing the new bullet, as shown in Figure 3, above.

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You can also format text in the Text Pane by first selecting the line of text within the Text Pane. Then, carefully right-click to view the contextual menu and Mini Toolbar, as shown in Figure 4, below. Note that the Mini Toolbar allows you to change the font, font size, color, etc., within the Text Pane (and also within the SmartArt graphic).

Figure 4: Contextual menu options

The contextual menu allows you to change the hierarchy of the selected text to previous or next bullet levels. You do so by clicking either the Promote or Demote options in the contextual menu (refer again to Figure 4). Do note that the Promote or Demote options may be grayed out in some instances because their availability in the contextual menu depends on what type of SmartArt graphic variant you are working with.

As we explained, in some instances you might find that the Promote and/or Demote options are grayed out. They show up depending upon the SmartArt graphic variant being used. For example, you cannot add a new bullet level, or even a demoted level to the Basic Matrix SmartArt graphic variant once you hit the limit of 4 first level bullets, as shown in Figure 5, below.

Figure 5: Basic Matrix SmartArt graphic

Some SmartArt graphic variants though let you add more bulleted levels and are not as constrained as the Basic Matrix variant. The Diverging Radial variant, for instance lets you add many more bulleted levels to an existing SmartArt graphic, as shown in Figures 6, below.

Figures 6: Add more bullets / shapes to the Diverging Radial SmartArt graphic

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