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Chart Styles in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

Apply predefined Chart Styles to your charts in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. With one click, predefined combinations of various chart elements can be easily applied.

Long time PowerPoint users will remember the difficulties of charting. It was so painful, time-consuming, and repetitive a task changing the fills of all the series one after the other. Moreover, if your presentation had more than one chart slide, then you also had to ensure that all charts looked the same.

PowerPoint 2007 makes this sort of repetitive formatting easy and consistent with the Chart Styles option. These are predefined styles that contain combinations of formatting elements such as fills, outlines, and effects. PowerPoint provides various styles to choose from, and all these styles are based on Office Themes.

To apply a Chart Style, you first need to have a chart in your presentation. Learn how to insert a chart in PowerPoint 2007, and then follow these steps to apply a chart styles in PowerPoint 2007 (or even PowerPoint 2010):

  1. Select the chart on your slide. Doing so shows the context-sensitive Chart Tools tabs in the Ribbon area, as shown in Figure 1.

  2. Figure 1: Chart Tools

  3. Within the Chart Tools Design tab of the Ribbon, you'll find the Chart Styles group that you can see in Figure 2. Click the downward pointing arrow found towards the bottom right side of the Chart Styles gallery (highlighted in red).

  4. Figure 2: Chart Styles
  5. Doing so opens the dropdown Chart Styles gallery. Figure 3 shows you how this gallery looks in PowerPoint 2007.

  6. Figure 3: Chart Styles gallery in PowerPoint 2007
  7. To apply any style, click on the actual preview thumbnail of the style you want. Figure 4 shows a Chart Style applied to a selected chart.

  8. Figure 4: Chart Style applied
  9. Save your presentation.

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