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About Raptivity Presenter
Using Raptivity Presenter
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There are no two opinions about this: your audience will be more engaged if your PowerPoint presentation has some sort of relevant interactivity that adds extra value to the content. Whatever you may want to show: complex information, business visuals, or pictures -- if it is presented in an interactive, non-linear style, it has the potential to make your audience more engrossed in your presentation. The product I am reviewing, Raptivity Presenter lets you create impressive interactions right within PowerPoint. Let's evaluate how it fares.


About Raptivity Presenter

Raptivity Presenter is from Harbinger, a company based out of USA and India -- Harbinger develops interactivity products such as Raptivity and YawnBuster for procedural training, management training, soft skills training, banking etc. You can learn more about Raptivity Presenter and download the trial version from their site.

Raptivity Presenter is a PowerPoint add-in which allows you to add interactivity to your slides and and even change the flow of the presentation as per the need. The addin provides a library of ready pre-built interactions. All the interactions can be created in a very simple interface without any knowledge of VBA programming or any other programming language. And the interactivity output file is embedded in PowerPoint as a single Flash file.

Raptivity Presenter works with PPT files -- as of now, it does not work with the new PPTX file format.

My contact at Raptivity for this review was Nachiket -- thank you, Nachiket.


Using Raptivity Presenter

Download the installer, run the setup routine and follow the instructions. When installed follow this steps to use Raptivity Presenter:

  1. In PowerPoint open a new file or an existing presentation and choose Raptivity Presenter on the menu bar as shown in Figure 1.

  2. Figure 1: Raptivity Presenter addin
  3. From Raptivity Presenter menu, choose New Interactivity option (see Figure 2).

  4. Figure 2: New Interactivity
  5. This opens the Raptivity Presenter Media Explorer as shown in Figure 3. Here, you can select an interaction model for customization. The interaction models are grouped in various categories and packs. For this walkthrough, I chose Slide Jazz-Ups.

  6. Figure 3: Raptivity Presenter Media Explorer
  7. In the next window you can see the interactions under the Slide Jazz-Ups category (see Figure 4).

  8. Figure 4: slide-jazz ups
  9. This opens the Raptivity Presenter interface as shown in Figure 5. Here the interactivity is added as 'Untitled1' in the list on left. And at the same time based on the interactivity selected, a wizard launches (see Figure 5 again). Click Next to move to the subsequent screens that allow you to include information about the project such as title, number of images, etc.

  10. Figure 5: Raptivity Presenter interface
  11. Once done, the Interactivity Viewer window opens as shown in Figure 6.

  12. Figure 6: Interactivity Viewer
  13. This is where you can do the detailed customization of all the parameters for the interactivity.
  14. This area contains two tabs Interactivity Editor tab which allows you to customize some of the parameters by clicking on the interactivity. You can also create objects required for some of the interactivities. The Quick View tab allows you to preview the interactivity.
  15. About the Interaction Model section displays the functionality of the interaction model.
  16. Select Parameter -- displays all the customizable parameters, to customize click any object. There are two sections, Input Parameters and Output Parameters. The Input Parameters section lists all the parameters which can be customized for the particular interactivity whereas the Output Parameters section lists the parameters which are output when the interactivity is published for tracking.
  17. Set Parameter Values -- here you can see the parameters for the object selected under Select Parameter.
  18. The Notes section shows the help for the parameter, which is getting customized.
  19. As soon as the parameter value is changed, the preview is updated to show the change.
  20. Other than object parameter you can undo/redo an operation, apply in built color theme to the interactivity, do a spell check using Raptivity Presenter Spell Checker.
  21. Note: Use a JPEG files of standard type. You cannot use the JPEG files of progressive type. The other file types you can use are .PNG or .GIF.
  22. Now click the save icon to get back to the Raptivity Presenter interface as shown in Figure 7.

  23. Figure 7: Raptivity Presenter interface
  24. Here you can set the Target View Size of the interactivity. Choose Detailed or Wizard based customization option and preview the interactivity.
  25. Once done, save your interactivity by clicking the save icon on the toolbar, or choose File | Save Raptivity. The file is saved with an .RPP extension.
  26. Now you can publish the interactivity to your PowerPoint presentation. Figure 8 shows the interactivity placed on the slide.

  27. Figure 8: Interactivity on PowerPoint slide
  28. You can view the interactivity in slideshow view within PowerPoint.

Pricing and Support

Raptivity Presenter plus Raptivity Presenter Essential Pack costs $395, multiple license are available.

Support option includes e-mail, online training and phone support.



Raptivity Presenter is an awesome product if you want to create interactive content within your PowerPoint slides. The price is right too. The only glitch is that the product does not work in PPTX PowerPoint 2007 files because of how that file format is handled by PowerPoint. If you need to use only PPT files, then Raptivity Presenter will provide you with hours of fun creating engaging interactions