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PowerPoint Add-ins - V

VaySoft PPTX to EXE Converter
PPTX to EXE Converter helps you to convert PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 PPTX files to EXE files and allows you to specify the program which can be used to view the EXE on target computers.

VisualBee for PowerPoint
VisualBee is a PowerPoint add-in that automatically enhances your slides using an easy to use wizard based interface.

VisualBee 2 for PowerPoint
VisualBee 2 is a freeware PowerPoint add-in that automatically analyses your PowerPoint presentation text and structure, and builds a new designed presentation with appropriate templates, images, and graphics with an easy to use wizard based interface.

Visual Flash Plug-in
Visual Flash Plug-in helps you to import and export your Flash (SWF) files with ease to and from PowerPoint.

Volume Control
Volume Control is a PowerPoint add-in that lowers, increases and mutes amplifications of various sound streams available within your presentation slides.

Vox Proxy
Vox Proxy is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint from Right Seat Software, Inc. It works within PowerPoint to bring lively interactive talking characters to the presentation media - as such, the core technologies behind Vox Proxy are based on Microsoft's Agent technology.

PowerPoint Add-ins - W

Wildform Flair
Wildform Flair is a very advanced PowerPoint to Flash file converter that supports all the animations, transitions, links, etc.

WildPresenter is a PowerPoint to Flash converter -- you can edit each individual slide, slide master, animation, and object even after importing a PowerPoint presentation into the WildPresenter environment. The export options are not limited to Flash SWFs alone -- you can also create other output formats like EXE, PDF, etc.

WildPresenter Lite
WildPresenter Lite works more or less like WildPresenter -- the editing environment is similar. Unlike other Flash programs, WildPresenter Lite does not use a frame and scene metaphor -- rather it uses a slide metaphor. It even includes a Slide Master -- so that PowerPoint users are comfortable with the program.

WildPresenter Pro 3
WildPresenter Pro 3 enables you to create LMS compliant, customized Flash quizzes, tests, assessments, and surveys for your PowerPoint presentation without the need for any programming.

Wondershare DVD Presenter
DVD Presenter, a Wondershare product converts Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to video formats retaining all the animations, transitions, sound, and movies.

Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional
PPT2Flash Professional is a PowerPoint add-in which allows you to convert your PowerPoint presentations into Flash SWF movies with all the slide objects and movements recreated.

PowerPoint Add-ins - Y

YawnBuster adds group activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises, competitions, etc. and embeds these group activities as part of your PowerPoint file. It is from Harbinger.

YOUpresent Pattern Fill Transparency
A free add-in from Jamie Garroch that sits comfortably within your PowerPoint right-click menu. This menu option provides you with quick access to adding transparency in pattern fills for shapes.

YouTube Video Wizard
YouTube Video Wizard is a PowerPoint add-in that enables you to insert YouTube videos into a PowerPoint slide using just the YouTube video URL that appears in the browser address bar.

More reviews of PowerPoint add-ins than anywhere online, sorted alphabetically

ABC | DEF | GHI | JKL | MNO | PQR | STU | VWXYZ | 0 to 9

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