PowerShrink 1.3

Read the Indezine review of PowerShrink 1.3.

This is a review of the update - the full PowerShrink review can be found here.

The new 1.3 update is free to registered users of version 1.x - and the update can be downloaded from the PowerShrink site.

I asked Michael Weber of TopByteLabs Computing for a list of new features and improvements:

  • PowerShrink 1.3 has now Install/Uninstall support.
  • File size changed from 812 kb to 1399 kb.
  • No need for a Microsoft PowerPoint installation, PowerShrink 1.3 is a standalone tool.
  • Shell context menu integration for using PowerShrink directly from Explorer.
  • PowerShrink Wizard will guide the user through the "shrinking" process - see Figure 1.
  • Statistics after compression.
  • Integrated help file.
  • PowerShrink 1.3 still available as standalone EXE, but without Shell context menu integration and without help file.

Figure 1: PowerShrink Wizard