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Using Adobe Presenter 7 - Part II
Pricing and Support

Using Adobe Presenter 7 - Part II

  1. Here are details of the other groups within the Adobe Presenter tab of the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007:

    D. Flash

    In this group, click the downward arrow next to Insert Swf to get more options as shown in Figure 12.

    Figure 12: Insert Swf

    The two option are:

    1. Insert Swf File: Opens Insert Flash (.swf) window, navigate to the folder were the Flash swf files are -- select any one of the files and click Open to insert a Swf file on the slide.
    2. Manage Swf File (see Figure 13) -- here you can link Flash movies to viewer controls so that when the viewer pauses a presentation, all embedded animations and videos are paused automatically, and resumed when the presentation continues.

      Figure 13: Manage Flash

    E. Quiz

    This group has three options:

    1. Manage (see Figure 14) -- here you can add and manage quizzes and questions in the presentation.

      Figure 14: Quiz Manager
    2. Import: With this option you can import existing Presenter quizzes.
    3. Add New quiz questions to presentations, specify pass/fail grades and the number of times a quiz may be taken.

      Figure 15: New Quiz

    F. Application

    Has one option:

    1. Preferences allow to add, edit, or delete presenter information such as name, title, email address, etc.

      Figure 16: Preferences

    G. Help

    Provides online help documentation, and lets you check for program updates.


Pricing and Support

Adobe Presenter 7 is priced at $500. It's also part of the Adobe eLearning Suite. Support options include an online knowledge base, community forums, phone support, etc.



Adobe Presenter 7 is an awesome product that lets you take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level as far as integrating media and sharing are concerned. It's great value as part of the new Aobe eLearning Suite that gets you many more first-rate programs.