Adobe Presenter: New Quiz Options

Explore options within the New Quiz dialog box in Adobe Presenter.

In a previous tutorial we showed you how you can add a quiz within PowerPoint using the Adobe Presenter add-in so as to quickly create some eLearning content. In this tutorial we'll explore all the options which help you create a better quiz.

Follow these steps to learn more:

  1. Options to create quiz are within the Quiz Settings tab of the New Quiz dialog box, as shown in Figure 1.

  2. Figure 1: Quiz Settings tab within the New Quiz dialog box
  3. These options are explained below, as marked in Figure 1, above:
  4. A. Name

  5. Provide a name to your quiz. You can also accept the default name.
  6. B. Required

  7. Click to open the drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 2. Here you need to select one of four options. The selected option will determine if users must compulsorily take or pass the quiz. For example, you can require users to pass the quiz or allow them to skip the quiz altogether.

  8. Figure 2: Required drop-down menu
  9. These options are further explained below:
  10. i. Optional

  11. The user can attempt the quiz, but is not required to take the quiz.
  12. ii. Required

  13. The user is required to at least attempt the quiz. A quiz attempt is defined as answering (selecting or typing an answer and pressing the Submit option) at least one question in the quiz. Until the users answer (attempt) at least one question in the quiz, they are not permitted to move forward in the presentation beyond the last question. The required option does not, however, limit the learner from navigating among slides within a given quiz.
  14. iii. Pass required

  15. The user must pass this quiz to continue. If you select this option, all navigation to any slide past the end of the quiz is prohibited until the learner achieves a passing score.
  16. iv. Answer all

  17. The user must answer every question. The questions must be answered in order and no questions can be skipped.
  18. C. Allow backward movement

  19. Selecting this check-box enables users to click the Back button in the playbar to move backward. If you leave this option deselected, the user cannot move backward when undertaking a quiz. Note that leaving this check-box deselected prevents user from seeing quiz questions and then going back to earlier slides to look up correct answers.
  20. D. Allow user to review quiz

  21. Select this check-box to display a Review Quiz button on the scoring slide. Clicking this button will allow the user to go back to the first question in the quiz. Users can see their answers to each question. Do note that such reviewing of a quiz is strictly informational, and users cannot change their answers while reviewing.
  22. E. Include instructions slide

  23. This check-box will display a message at the beginning of the quiz containing information for users about how to take the quiz.
  24. F. Show score at end of quiz

  25. Will display a scoring slide at the end of the quiz. You can write custom pass and fail messages, design the slide using your own background colors, and choose how to display the score.
  26. G. Show questions in outline

  27. Displays the name of the question slide in the outline when users see the presentation in the Adobe Presenter viewer -- this is also visible using Adobe Presenter's Preview options.
  28. H. Shuffle questions

  29. Changes the order of questions each time the quiz is displayed.
  30. I. Shuffle answers

  31. Randomly changes the order in which possible answers appear.
  32. Now, navigate to the Pass o Fail Options tab within the New Quiz dialog box, as shown in Figure 3.

  33. Figure 3: Pass Or Fail Options tab within the New Quiz dialog box
  34. Within the Pass Or Fail Options tab, select an option in the Pass/Fail Options area. Specify a passing score either as a percentage (for example, 80% correct) or a number of correct answers (for example, 8 out of 10). Also, select the actions that take place when users receive a passing grade or a failing grade within the next sections. For example, use the pop-up menu next to Action and select Go to next slide to display a specific slide in response to passing or failing.
  35. When done, click the OK button (highlighted in red within Figure 3, above). This will take you back to the Quiz Manager dialog box (explore our Add Quiz using Adobe Presenter walkthrough to learn more -- proceed step 4 onwards on that page).