Insert Scenes in PowerPoint using Adobe Presenter

Explore how to insert scenes in PowerPoint using Adobe Presenter.

If your are trying to create an eLearning course, one of the toughest parts is determining the look of the output, sourcing quality images, and creating workable scenarios. For many users, there is a paucity of time required to draw, sketch, or create the background elements to support slides. Adobe Presenter provides options that will help you jumpstart this process for your eLearning course with features such as Scenes, Characters and Scenarios. In this tutorial we'll explore how you can add Scenes in PowerPoint using Adobe Presenter.

To use Adobe Presenter's Scenes, you can begin with an existing or even a brand new PowerPoint presentation. Thereafter, follow these steps:

  1. Within PowerPoint, access the Adobe Presenter tab of the Ribbon, and click the Scene button (highlighted in red within Figure 1).

  2. Figure 1: Scene button
  3. This opens the Insert Scene dialog box, as you can see in Figure 2.

  4. Figure 2: Insert Scene dialog box
  5. Options within the Insert Scene dialog box are explained below, as marked in Figure 2, above:
  6. A. Categories

  7. Here you'll find three different scenes categories: Medical, Office-Inside, and Office-Outside.
  8. B. Previews

  9. Here you'll see the preview of the scenes within the category you have selected. Within each of the categories, there are both sketches and photographs you can use for your Scene - just scroll down to see all the variations.
  10. C. Download Links

  11. Here you will find links to download more Scenes from eLearning Templates and eLearning Arts. Click the hyperlink to open the page in the browser and download the required stuff -- note that you will need to buy these at an extra cost.
  12. Choose a scene and click the OK button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2 earlier on this page. This will add the selected scene to your PowerPoint slide and automatically size it to fit perfectly on the slide, as shown in Figure 3.

  13. Figure 3: Scene added within the PowerPoint slide
  14. You can thereafter add Characters and create a more complete composition.
  15. Save your presentation often.