Import Quiz in Adobe Presenter

Explore how you can import quiz in Adobe Presenter.

Quizzes that you create in Adobe Presenter are not saved as separate files -- in fact they are saved as part of the container PowerPoint file within which they were created. And that's actually a huge advantage, especially if you want to move your quizzes from one eLearning project to another -- or even when you want to import an existing quiz to use as a template for another quiz. Essentially, all you need is to move, copy, or duplicate your original PowerPoint files!

Note: To preview these quizzes, you cannot use PowerPoint's Slide Show view. Rather you will need to use Presenter's Preview options.

Here's how you proceed:

  1. Make sure that the original PowerPoint file that has the quizzes is saved. Make a note of the file name and location.
  2. Create your new eLearning file in PowerPoint -- yes this would be a new PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively, open any file where you want to import the quiz. Make sure you are on the slide where you want this quiz to show up.
  3. Access the Adobe Presenter tab of the Ribbon, and click the Import button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 1.

  4. Figure 1: Import Quiz button within the Quiz group
  5. Note: If you don't have the Adobe Presenter tab within the Ribbon in PowerPoint, that may indicate you haven't installed it. This tab is not built-in within PowerPoint and is installed as part a PowerPoint add-in from Adobe called Presenter.
  6. This opens the Select the presentation to import quizzes dialog box, as shown in Figure 2. Navigate to the PPT or PPTX file containing the quiz you want to import, select the file and click the Open button.

  7. Figure 2: Select the presentation to import quizzes dialog box
  8. This opens the Import Quiz dialog box, as shown Figure 3.

  9. Figure 3: Import Quiz dialog box
  10. Options Within the Import Quiz dialog box are explained below, as marked in Figure 3, above:
  11. A. Import From

  12. From this list select the quiz or question you want to import.
  13. B. Import To

  14. Within this list select the slide where you want to import the quiz or question. For example, if you want the quiz or question to appear before slide 5, click slide 5.
  15. C. Move

  16. Click this button to move the selected item within the Import From list to Import To list. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the selected item.
  17. D. Launch Quiz Manager after Import

  18. Select this check-box if you want to edit the imported quiz or question -- this will bring up the Quiz Manager dialog box.
  19. When done, click the OK button (highlighted in red within Figure 3, above).
  20. Make sure to save your PowerPoint file.