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Beauty Box Photo

A new Photoshop plug-in that quickly and easily erases skin blemishes and evens out skin tones.


Beauty Box Photo is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in that uses advanced algorithms to do effective skin retouching. It's face detection option automatically identifies and corrects the skin tone. Beauty Box Photo automatically applies skin smoothing settings, and you can change these settings and/or adjust the mask as required.

Beauty Box Photo is from Digital Anarchy, a company based in San Francisco, USA that specializes in special effect filters for image editing and video programs. Digital Anarchy also creates other Photoshop-compatible plug-ins like 3D Invigorator, Primatte Chromakey 3, ToonIt!, Backdrop Designer, etc.

You can download a free trial version of Beauty Box Photo from the Digital Anarchy site.

My contact at Digital Anarchy for this review was Debbie Rich. Thank you, Debbie.


How To Use

Follow these steps to use Beauty Box Photo:

  1. Launch an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop, where you installed the Beauty Box Photo plug-in. Next, open any picture that includes a face which needs to be corrected.
  2. Choose the Filter | Digital Anarchy | Beauty Box Photo option, as shown in Figure 1, below.

  3. Figure 1: Beauty Box Photo
  4. Doing so opens the Beauty Box Photo interface that you can see in Figure 2, below. When opened, you will notice that Beauty Box Photo already applies and previews its skin smoothing settings. You can later change these settings.

  5. Figure 2: Beauty Box Photo interface
  6. The interface is explained below:
  7. A. Preview

  8. Shows Before and After images, respectively. You need to press Ctrl+G to switch between the original and the changed image.
  9. B. Smoothing Controls

  10. These three controls work together to smooth over wrinkles and blemishes. The Smoothing Amount and Smoothing Radius controls alter the look of the skin. The Skin Detail Amount control can add back a bit of the lost skin texture.
  11. C. Main Controls

  12. Here you find two very important buttons:
  13. Auto-Mask

  14. This button is probably the most important control within the Beauty Box Photo plug-in as it uses face detection to analyze the subject's face area, then it determines what skin tones are needed to create a mask. The created mask is then used to control where the skin smoothing is applied.
  15. Show Mask

  16. This button displays the mask that has been built.
  17. D. Manual Mask Controls

  18. These can be used when you want to edit the automatic mask created by Beauty Box Photo. Use the Set and Add buttons to add and expand the color range used to generate the smoothing mask.
  19. E. Advanced Mask Controls

  20. These are used to perfect the mask. For example, if there are lighter areas in parts of the mask that should be dark or vice-versa, you can adjust the range to tweak the mask by using the sliders around two colors in the Hue (H), Saturation (S), or Value (V) channels.
  21. F. Image Controls

  22. Here, you find three sliders that can fine-tune the details of an image. The Preserve Edges slider keeps significant details of the image. The Preserve Small Detail slider preserves skin texture by adding grain to the image after smoothing. And the Sharpening Amount slider helps preserve the detail of the overall image by offsetting the smoothing with a touch of sharpening. The Use Mask For Sharpening option, when checked limits the sharpening effect to the mask area.

  23. G. Color Correction Controls

  24. These three sliders add precise color controls. The Adjust Hue slider can add red/yellow to the image if used with negative values, and green/blue if set to positive values. The Adjust Saturation and Adjust Brightness sliders do exactly what they are named for. The Use Mask For Color Correction option restricts the color correction effects to the mask area.
  25. H. Snapshots and Actions

  26. These snapshot buttons take a snapshot and can be saved as three render views of the image as it looks with your Beauty Box Photo corrections. And the three action buttons below let you access and use these snapshots.
  27. I. Zoom

  28. Zoom in and out of the preview image.
  29. J. Preset List

  30. Here, you can save combinations of Beauty Box Photo settings for later use.
  31. Use the options to tweak and modify the image. Once done, click the OK to apply the changes, and return to your Photoshop composition.

Here are some Before and After samples:





Photoshop Versions: 7 and higher
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Site: Digital Anarchy
Price: USD $99
Trial Version: Available


Photoshop: Digital Anarchy (Glossary Page)