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Andrew Photoshop Plug-ins Series 06

Explore effects in Andrew's Plug-ins series 06 for Photoshop.

This is a preview of Series 06 of Andrew's Plug-ins from Graphicxtras -- for more previews, explore the links from the Andrew's Plugins index page.

Series 06 is called CutoutLantern and has some great effects like cutouts, lines, glow etc.

This page of preview images shows you the default effects as they are without any tweaking of the sliders. Also, I'm keeping the text narrative to a minimum -- let the pictures speak for themselves.

This original image was sourced from Indezine Photos.

Original Picture

Figure 1: Blur - Thread -- applies a shaky thread-like blur effect.

Figure 2: Noise - BlurNoise applies a blur effect with noise.

Figure 3: Noise - HeatHaze applies noise effects with lots of variations to choose from.

Figure 4: Paint - Lined generates lines -- to get good output, use blending modes.

Figure 5: Paint - ShudderLines - generates blurry paint fragments.

Figure 6: Threshold - BasicBW applies a basic black and white cutoff.

Figure 7: Threshold - ColorPhase generates a smeary cutout with a very unnatural glow.

Figure 8: Threshold - ColorLite applies a colored grain effect.

Figure 9: Threshold - CuttingThrough generates a grain effect that is slightly smudged and smeared.

Figure 10: Threshold - DarkDays gives a dark smeary effect.

Figure 11: Threshold - DarkDrift applies an abstract grained effect.

Figure 12: Threshold - DarkGloomy generates dark, colored patchy results.

Figure 13: Threshold - NewsPaper -- emulates a newspaper-like, faded-smeary effect.

Figure 14: Threshold - RandomChannels generates dark-scratched, grainy effects.

Figure 15: Threshold - RGBSmear applies an RGB-controlled smearing effect.

Figure 16: Threshold - Shift generates shimmering and noisy effects with grain and blur.

As you can see, most of these effects work best when combined over separate layers with blending modes although you could also use one of these all in itself as well.

To download a free demo, or to buy the product ($9), visit the Graphicxtras site.



Photoshop Versions: 6+
Platforms: Windows only
Site: Graphicxtras
Price: US$9 and above
Trial Version: Demo plug-ins available