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PowerPoint Backgrounds with Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects

Create backgrounds suitable for PowerPoint slides using Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects.

Let's create a background for a PowerPoint presentation using Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects. You can read a full review of Instant Photo Effects elsewhere on this site:

Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects

This tutorial will show you how Instant Photo Effects can create quick visuals that you can use as backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations.

To follow this tutorial step-by-step, you might want to download this picture of a newspaper crossword I clicked with my digital camera. Right-click the thumbnail below and choose the Save Image As option.

  1. Open the picture in Instant Photo Effects - this picture has already been resized to 1024 x 768 pixels. If you are using some other picture, you can resize in Instant Photo Effects using the Tools | Resize Image... option.

  2. Before anything else, we'll process this image in the Darkroom. click the Darkroom category canister and choose Brightness/Contrast from the Style Previews. Click the Brighten icon on the Variation Previews toolbar twice to make the image suitably faded, so that any text with our PowerPoint presentation can be clearly readable and visible.
  3. Our next stop is the Photography category canister - within this choose the Duotone option from the Style Previews.
  4. You'll find several picture icons beneath the actual image that show how various colours will look when applied to our image. I am choosing the Turquoise option.
  5. Click the Apply Changes button and save your image to a JPG or PNG file.
  6. Within PowerPoint, use the image as a presentation background. You'll find more info about PowerPoint backgrounds here.