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Explore Sankranti PowerPoint templates, embellishments, Snagit stamps and more stuff.

As per Indian traditions, Sankranti is the day that denotes the transmigration of the sun from one zodiac constellation to another. Thus, Sankranti happens twelve times a year. However, most people refer to Makar Sankranti, a day when the sun transitions into the Capricorn constellation as Sankranti. Sankranti, which is also known by many other names in various parts of India is a popular harvest festival that symbolizes prosperity and the change of seasons.

This day is celebrated with kite-flying competitions and the decoration of courtyards with patterns created with rice powder, known as rangoli, muggu, or kolam.

Sankranti Animated Slides

Sankranti PowerPoint Animated Slides

Two animated Sankranti PowerPoint presentations are included within this package. The first presentation has animated kites that give a flying effect throughout the slide. The second presentation has rangoli that animates perfectly and is available in three variations: white, brown and multicolor. Go ahead and download these and use as you want. Retaining credit for these slides is something we will appreciate!

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Kites Clip Art

Kite Clip Arts for PowerPoint

Click below to view Sankranti Animated Slides (Kites) Presentation on YouTube