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Hanukkah (Chanukkah) is an 8 day Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem. It's also known as Festival of Lights, as it is observed by the kindling of the lights of a special candelabrum, the Menorah or Hanukiah. The festival is celebrated for 8 days, one light is lit on each night of the holiday. On this festival, families exchange gifts each night, and fried foods are eaten.

See a visual presentation (scroll down this page) and download a Hanukkah PowerPoint presentation.

Hanukkah PowerPoint Templates

Hanukkah PowerPoint Templates

Hanukkah 01

Hanukkah 02

Hanukkah 03

Hanukkah 04

Hanukkah 05

Hanukkah 06

Hanukkah 07

Hanukkah 08

Hanukkah Premium PowerPoint Templates

Hanukkah PowerPoint Templates (

Hanukkah - Hanukkah 01

Hanukkah - Hanukkah 02

Hanukkah - Hanukkah 03

Hanukkah - Hanukkah 04

Hanukkah - Hanukkah 05

Hanukkah - Extras 01

Hanukkah - Extras 02

Hanukkah - Extras 03

Hanukkah Clip Arts

Hanukkah Clip Arts for PowerPoint

More Stuff

Hanukkah Scrapbook Embellishments

Hanukkah SnagIt Stamps

Hanukkah PowerPoint Presentation

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