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Explore Diwali PowerPoint templates, embellishments, Snagit stamps and more stuff.

Diwali is celebrated by Indians across the globe as the "Festival of Light". On this day people wear new clothes, meet their friends and relatives, eat sweets, gift each other, decorate houses with lights and rangoli patterns, and set off fireworks in the night.

See a visual presentation (scroll down this page) and download a PowerPoint presentation on Diwali.

Diwali PowerPoint Templates

Diwali PowerPoint Templates

Diwali 01

Diwali 02

Diwali 03

Diwali 04

Diwali 08

Diwali 10

Diwali 12

Diwali 13

More Stuff

Diwali Scrapbook Embellishments

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Diwali PowerPoint Presentations

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