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Help! I am so frustrated that I cannot download anything!

Are you stuck and unable to download? Here is some help.

Archived Content

Content on this page is not recent and has been retained for historical reasons.

OK, here's a question from one user:

I am SOOOOOO frustrated with your site lately!!!!! I have to "login" several times (yes, using the correct info) -- then I can't download the free PowerPoint templates....and so forth. I use your site extensively. Can't you make it easier?

So here's a start to end help route:

  • Begin by checking if you have the current password as both the user name and password change every month. Here's more help.
  • Next check if you are using the proper user name and password as both of them are case sensitive.
  • If you still cannot access the downloads, check for specific instructions using your browser. We have details for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.

  • If there's still no access, then are you using an automatic download manager like GetRight or similar? You'll have to put in your user name and password there as well!
  • Still no luck? Has your system administrator disallowed downloads of zip files? Do find out.
  • If you still can't get it to work, try from another computer?
  • OK, you really seem to have problems. Maybe you can order a CD of the templates? Check here.
  • We have another site with direct downloads for PowerPoint templates.
  • Sometimes, just rebooting your system, or trying another day might get you lucky!
  • Still reading this — check this out.

And please do send feedback and suggestions. Here's a link to the feedback form.