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Indezine / Freepath

Date Created:
Last Updated: September 23rd 2009


Product Showcase


Freepath provides an iTunes-like player for the everyday digital story-teller to show common types of content in a seamless and meaningful way -- content such as:

  • Traditional desktop files (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDFs)
  • Rich media content (Flash files, video clips, photo images, audio tunes and tracks)
  • Web content (YouTube videos, web pages, Flash games and interactives)

download freepath

Freepath's user interface is intuitive and features a PlayList where users can navigate through their assets in a non-linear yet seamless manner while also being able to edit in real time. PlayLists can be saved and shared as GoFiles to facilitate the exchange of lesson plans, training modules, sales demos or collaborative wikis. With GoFiles, users can easily distribute rich media communication.

Freepath can be used in face-to-face presentations as well as for web communications. It is compatible with the major web meeting services including Webex, GoToMeeting and Live Meeting.

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Company History and Highlights

  • Grass Roots Software, a Grass Valley-based company, created SundayPlus in 2004 to enable presentation assembly in the House of Worship market.

  • Freepath was launched as a new product in 2006 to target digital asset management opportunities among mainstream users in education, business and casual communication.

  • Freepath was selected for the Sweet 16 "Cool New Products" at DEMO 06 from over 1,500 applications. Chris Shipley, DEMO executive producer, said that Freepath is "the first and best tool that lets everyday presenters blend media from a range of desktop applications into one seamless presentation."

  • In Spring 2007, Freepath Inc. was formed as a separate company based in Folsom, California, and acquired all the Freepath product assets, technology and intellectual property.

  • John Stone, a former Apple executive and co-founder of PowerSchool (acquired by Apple), joined Freepath as its CEO.

  • Freepath 2.0 will be released in November 2007 with a new user interface, Vista compatibility and some introductory community features. This new version will be free to all users to help accelerate widespread adoption and use.

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