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Enriching Online Marketing with PowerPoint Presentations

Learn how you can use PowerPoint presentations posted online as an SEO tool.

Jörg Hahn aka Jay Green was Marketing Manager with a screen capturing software publisher prior to launching his new company Convima. Now he successfully combines video production with online marketing.

Hahn holds an MBA, speaks 5 languages fluently, and is planning to open another subsidiary of Convima in Singapore in August 2009.

You can easily boost your business and your SEO / SEM efforts with the help of an old friend: PowerPoint. All you need to do is pick a topic that you want to relate your business to prepare a presentation on that topic and then publish it on presentation platforms like SlideShare, etc. You can then bookmark your online content and enrich it with keywords and descriptions to further promote your content and boost your SEO / SEM efforts.

For instance, say you have a normal online store that sells bicycle parts, like tires, air pumps etc.

Obviously, you have Google Adwords campaigns running to get leads coming to your site. You have also reviewed and optimized your keywords and meta tags, so that your site itself is performing well.

Now imagine, you'd like to expand your target group and sell especially to regular cyclists and athletes. You will want to come up with some content that suggests that you are an expert yourself and that your are the competent partner for cyclists.

Why not generate content that provides other experts with information like ideal tyre pressure for different excercise uses (city biking, mountain biking etc.). Alternatively, come up with a "spoke spanner calculator" that tells you how which spoke adjustment is best for different cycling excercises.

Collect some pictures that go with it and then generate a PowerPoint presentation that introduces and explains the "spoke spanner calculator" – from bike experts to bike experts.

Figure 1: Create Content

Determine your Online Marketing Mix (What is your website‘s prime objective?) and create presentations on specific subjects.

Figure 2: Publish

Submit your presentations to most common presentation platforms. Be sure to include strategic keywords and descriptions!

Figure 3: Content indexed with Google

All these platforms will list your PowerPoint content in the Google Search Results. You will have multiple entries that will link to your site and your content.

Figure 4: More targeted traffic

Your overall performance within Google Search will improve, especially if your content is bookmarked on each presentation platform.
Your keyword scope will be extended, your SEO / SEM efforts boosted and you will receive more traffic to your site.

Turn your content into as many incoming links to your site as possible!

PowerPoint Content :

  • Your presentation should go on presentation platforms (see above), then you add keywords and description for that special content, then bookmark.
  • Your presentation can be converted into a video and you can make that information available on YouTube. Then you add keywords and description for that special content, then bookmark.
  • Export your PowerPoint slides as images ("save as...", then select file type as jpg or png) and publish them online on Flikr etc. Again, add keywords and description for that special content then bookmark!
  • In either case, you can also PDF your presentation and offer it as a download on your own site. Bookmark as above.

And you'll see that within a few days, your targetted traffic will come from those sites. On most sites, you can see how many times your content was viewed. Alternatively, you can use Google Analytics to track.

This is clearly not rocket science and doesn't even take up too much of your time. Still it is very effective, especially if you want new customers visiting your site and if you want people to perceive you in a certain way.

This technique is very powerful when it comes to your online marketing mix. Ask yourself the following question: What is my website mainly there for? Does it act as an information platform, a showroom, a lead generator or as a sales engine? Depending on your stategic priorities, you will want different content that underlines each of these aspects.

I don't want to elaborate on this now, as this would open another discussion on the online marketing mix. After you have decided what your focus is, you will get to the tricky part : finding relevant content that is very informative, offers a great value added to your customers and that is yet easy to produce. After doing some thinking, you will surely find something. Alternatively, try out "relaunching" some of your existing content and spread the message.

To conclude, you can easily enriching your online marketing mix with effective Content Marketing and PowerPoint presentations. Determine what your priorities are, generate content by using PowerPoint and then strategically distribute it online. You will see more people coming to your site, your search engine results will improve and you can actively influence your image.