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Thermometer Add-in for PowerPoint

Explore the Thermometer Add-in for PowerPoint.

This is an older PowerPoint add-in compatible with PowerPoint 2003 and previous versions. We are not updating this add-in.

Thermometer for PowerPoint (current version: 1.1) is a free add-in that creates a thermometer style bar in the bottom area of the slide that shows how much of a presentation has progressed and how much more is remaining.

It's a very simple add-in and using it is so easy: one click on an icon and you can add or update your thermometer; another click and the thermometer is gone!

The add-in installs a toolbar inside PowerPoint with four icons.

  • The first icon adds or updates the thermometer in the active presentation.
  • The second icon removes the thermometer in the active presentation.
  • The third icon resets the Thermometer toolbar within PowerPoint. Pressing this icon makes the Thermometer toolbar inaccessible for the remaining part of your PowerPoint session. Thermometer loads normally the next time you launch PowerPoint.
  • The fourth icon shows you the "About Thermometer" dialog box.

How do I install the add-in?

Download the setup routine for the add-in. It will create a Thermometer group in your Windows Start menu with details on how you can initiate the add-in within PowerPoint.

How do I change the color of my thermometer?

All thermometers are based on the active color scheme in your presentation. It is formed with a gradient between your fill and background colors. To change the color of the thermometer, you'll have to change the color scheme.

Where can I Download the add-in?

Here (400 kb) (works with PowerPoint 97 through 2003 for Windows)

Does this add-in work on the Mac?

It does! You can just copy the PPA file and follow the instructions to install it within PowerPoint. I haven't tested it extensively on the Mac though. Here's a link to the PPA file (StuffIt archive - 18 kb)

And here's a screenshot of the Thermometer toolbar from PowerPoint:mac 2004.

If You Cannot Install the Add-in

If you cannot install the add-in into PowerPoint, you probably have your Macro Security settings set to High or Very High. You will need to set the Security level to Medium. Once the add-in is installed, you can change the Security level back to High or Very High.

  • Within PowerPoint, choose Tools | Macros | Security. In the security level tab, check Medium. Click OK.
  • Now load the add-in by choosing the Tools | Add-ins menu option to bring up the add-ins window.
  • Click on Add to bring up the 'Add New PowerPoint Add-in' dialog box.
  • Navigate to the folder where the add-in was installed and select 'Thermometer.ppa' and click OK.
  • If you are prompted with the macro virus warning, enable the macros. When the add-in is properly loaded, it will display a tick against the add-in name.
  • You have now successfully initiated the add-in into PowerPoint.
  • Once the add-in has been loaded, it is recommended that you set the Security level back to High or Very High

I wish to thank Steve Rindsberg of PPTools fame who helped me create this add-in. This would have certainly not been possible without his assistance.