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Duplicating a Sway

Explore how to duplicate a Sway.


Product/Version: Microsoft Sway

OS: Works in a browser, or as an app

Sway is a fantastic tool to create presentations but let's face the fact – no Sway file sits on your computer or backup device that you can revert to if you make a mistake! At other times, it is easy to get carried away with Sway’s Remix option where an action that resembles rolling the dice gets you immediate results – and you just go on playing with Remix! You may then long to go back to a state that was 25 Remixes ago, or you may not even remember how far you want to go back!

Duplicating your Sway is the answer. This will preserve the original Sway which you can then use as a Sway template for future Sways you might want to create. When you create a duplicate, Sway adds a personal copy to your account without affecting the original. Additionally, all shares of the original Sway are not transferred to the copy.

Follow these steps to learn how to duplicate a Sway:

  1. Open an existing Sway which you wish to duplicate. Then click the More Options button as shown highlighted in red within Figure 1, below.

    More Options button
    Figure 1: More Options button
  2. This brings up the drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 2, below. Select the Duplicate this Sway option as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2.

    Duplicate this Sway option
    Figure 2: Duplicate this Sway option
  3. This brings up the Duplicate this Sway window, as shown in Figure 3. Here you can see the name of the open Sway, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 3.

    Duplicate this Sway window
    Figure 3: Duplicate this Sway window
  4. Overwrite the name with the new name that you have decided for the duplicated Sway, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 4. Once done click the Duplicate button highlighted in blue within Figure 4.

    New name for the Duplicated Sway
    Figure 4: New name for the Duplicated Sway
  5. Subsequently, another window appears, as shown in Figure 5 confirming that a copy of your Sway has been successfully created.

    Duplicate created
    Figure 5: Duplicate created

    Hereafter you can choose one of two options by clicking on the buttons, as explained below:

    Go to My Sways: Clicking this button will take you to your All Sways page, as shown in Figure 5. Notice that you can see both your original (highlighted in red) and duplicated (highlighted in blue) Sways(refer to Figure 6 again).

    All Sways Page
    Figure 6: All Sways Page

    Edit it now: Opens the duplicated copy of the Sway so you can start editing it.

    Choose your required option.

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