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PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

This page contains a listing of all the content we have created for PowerPoint 2016 - you will find detailed pages on each new feature introduced in this version – and also tutorials on all other features.


OS: Windows 7 and higher

PowerPoint 2016 New Features

Here's a listing of new features in PowerPoint 2016 - if there's a link available, click it to get a more detailed explanation of the feature:

1 Tell Me

Tell Me

PowerPoint 2016 has a new feature called Tell Me that will tell you what you need to do! Tell Me is a text field that you can see in PowerPoint 2016 after the last Tab of the Ribbon.

2 Smart Lookup

Smart Lookup

The new Smart Lookup feature in PowerPoint 2016 is an option that brings up definitions, images, and other results from various online resources about a word or phrase, right within PowerPoint.

3 Black Interface

Black Interface

In addition to the color interface options previously available for all Office applications, Office 2016 has introduced a new Office Theme named Black for the interface color.

4 Six New Chart Types

Six New Chart Types

Frankly, it has been many years since new chart types were added to PowerPoint’s repertoire of the ten chart types. The great news is that you will find new chart types in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows. These are Treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, Pareto (within Histogram options), Box and Whisker, and Waterfall.

5 Screen Recording

Screen Recording

Have you worked with the Screenshot option in previous versions such as PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013? This option allowed you to add a screenshot from within PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2016 goes a step further with the new Screen Recording option that lets you similarly to record a video clip of your onscreen activity, again from within the program.

Interface & Basics

Interface - Overview

  1. Where is PowerPoint? -- Locate
  2. PowerPoint 2016 Interface
  3. Presentation Gallery
  4. File Menu and Backstage View
  5. Quick Access Toolbar
  6. Live Preview
  7. Ribbon and Tabs
  8. Status Bar
  9. Notes Pane
  10. Slide Area
  11. Task Pane
  12. Mini Toolbar
  13. Slides Pane
  14. Format Task Pane
  15. Switch Views Between Multiple Presentations
  16. Tell Me
  17. Black Interface
  18. Using the Pen and Highlighter Tools in Slide Show View
  19. Edit Annotations with Ink Tools
  20. Hide/Unhide Slides
  21. Changing Interface Color
  22. Duplicate Slides

Working with QAT and Ribbon

  1. Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Add and Rename Ribbon Tabs
  3. Reordering and Removing Ribbon Tabs
  4. Reset, Export, and Import QAT Customizations
  5. Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs
  6. Adding Commands to Custom Groups
  7. Reset, Export, and Import Ribbon Customizations


  1. Views in PowerPoint
  2. Normal View
  3. Presenter View
  4. Notes Master View
  5. Slide Show
  6. Outline View
  7. Slide Sorter View
  8. Reading View
  9. Slide Master View
  10. Handout Master View
  11. Notes Page View

File Types, File Menu, and Backstage View

  1. File Formats
  2. File Menu and Backstage View
  3. File Types that can be Opened
  4. Backstage View: Program Options
  5. General Program Options
  6. Add Services
  7. Manage and Remove Connected Services
  8. Advanced Program Options

Working with Slides

  1. Change Slide Layout
  2. Rulers
  3. Guides
  4. Gridlines
  5. Snap to Grid Settings
  6. Working with Snap to Grid
  7. Working with Guides
  8. Adding More Guides
  9. Guide Options
  10. Hierarchical Guide Options
  11. Compare Presentations Manually
  12. Reuse Slides
  13. Reuse Slides Through Drag and Drop
  14. Inserting a New Slide
  15. Smarter Guides
  16. Reset Slide
  17. Comparing and Merging Presentations

Headers and Footers in Slides

  1. Working With Slide Numbers

Slide Aspect Ratio

  1. Widescreen Defaults
  2. Set Standard 4:3 Aspect Ratio as Default
  3. Change Presentation Aspect Ratio from Widescreen to Standard (and Vice Versa)

Text and Outlines

  1. Text Placeholders vs. Text Boxes
  2. Outline Pane Options
  3. Import Outlines

Creating Slides

  1. Creating PowerPoint Outlines in Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows

Text and Fonts

Text Basics

  1. Inserting a Text Box
  2. Insert Dummy Text
  3. Selecting Text


  1. Font Types and Sizes
  2. Format Font Attributes (Styles)
  3. Font Dialog Box
  4. Embed Fonts

Bullets and Numbering

  1. Change Bullet Styles
  2. Customize the Bullet Size and Color

Text Formatting

  1. Move Text Boxes on a Slide
  2. Resize Text Boxes on a Slide
  3. Resize Text Boxes Accurately on a Slide
  4. Text Box Autofit Options
  5. Reposition Text Boxes Accurately on a Slide
  6. Character Spacing

Spelling, AutoCorrect, and Reference Tools

  1. Smart Lookup
  2. Spell Check
  3. More Spelling Options
  4. Setting Spell Check Options
  5. Find and Replace Words
  6. What is AutoCorrect?
  7. AutoCorrect Options
  8. Edit Custom Dictionaries
  9. Loading and Using Custom Dictionaries
  10. Creating and Editing Custom Dictionaries
  11. Add and Remove Proofing Dictionaries for Foreign Languages
  12. Creating and Editing AutoCorrect Entries
  13. Disable, Enable, and Set the Default Custom Dictionary
  14. Sharing Custom Dictionaries
  15. Language Options on the Status Bar


Basics About Shapes

  1. Types of Shapes
  2. Insert Shapes
  3. Resizing Shapes
  4. Rotate Shapes
  5. Flip Shapes

Advanced Shape Techniques

  1. Change One Shape to Another
  2. Manipulating Shapes by Dragging Yellow Handles

Selecting Shapes

  1. Select and Deselect Shapes
  2. Select, Deselect, View, and Hide Shapes Using the Selection Pane

Duplicating Shapes, and Drawing Multiple Shapes

  1. Duplicate Shapes Using Ctrl+D
  2. Duplicate Shapes by Dragging

Merge Shapes

  1. Merge Shape Commands
  2. Shape Combine
  3. Shape Union
  4. Shape Fragment Command
  5. Shape Intersect Command
  6. Shape Subtract
  7. Convert Text to Shapes by Intersecting
  8. Convert Text to Shapes by Fragmenting
  9. Merge Shapes with Pictures

Group, Nudge, and Reorder Shapes

  1. Group, Ungroup, and Regroup Shapes
  2. Nudge Shapes

Text in Shapes

  1. Text within Shapes

Aligning and Distributing Shapes

  1. Align Shapes
  2. Align Shapes to Center of Slide

Text in Shapes

  1. Rotate Text 180° within Shapes
  2. Align Text within Shapes / Text Boxes

Exotic Shapes

  1. Cookie Cutter Shapes

Drawing Lines

  1. Drawing Lines
  2. Drawing Curved Lines
  3. Drawing Freeform Lines
  4. Drawing Scribble Lines

Advanced Drawing Techniques

  1. Edit Points for Shapes
  2. Add or Delete Points (Vertexes) for Shapes
  3. Types of Points (Vertexes) for Shapes
  4. Edit Points - Open and Close Paths
  5. Edit Points: Curved and Straight Line Segments

Customize PowerPoint

Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows
  2. Keyboard Sequences: PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Customize Interface

  1. Removing Customizations from PCB Files


  1. Enable The Developer Tab in the Ribbon



  1. Inserting SmartArt
  2. Convert Bulleted Text to SmartArt
  3. Picture Layouts (links to Pictures and Visuals section)
  4. Convert SmartArt Graphic to Text

Working with SmartArt

  1. Adding New Shape(s) to Existing SmartArt Graphic
  2. Delete Shapes from an Existing SmartArt Graphic
  3. Change between SmartArt Graphic Layouts (Types)
  4. Change Colors for a SmartArt Graphic
  5. Changing Fill, Line, and Effects for Shapes within SmartArt


  1. Text Pane For SmartArt Graphics

Pictures and Visuals

Pictures - Basics and Adjustments

  1. Insert Picture
  2. Insert Online Pictures
  3. Recolor Picture Backgrounds
  4. Adjust Picture Options
  5. Insert and/or Link Pictures
  6. Picture Corrections
  7. Changing Color of Pictures
  8. Reset Pictures
  9. Insert Picture from Bing
  10. Insert Picture from Flickr
  11. Insert Pictures from OneDrive
  12. Insert Picture from Facebook

Pictures - Position and Order

  1. Resize, Rotate, and Flip Pictures

Pictures - Compression

  1. Compress Pictures
  2. Set Document Resolution

Pictures - Cropping

  1. Crop Pictures
  2. Crop Pictures (Crop to Shape)
  3. Reposition Picture Fills with Crop

Pictures - Appearance

  1. Remove Background from Pictures
  2. Picture Styles
  3. Picture Effects
  4. Picture Borders
  5. Artistic Effects for Pictures
  6. Change Picture

Advanced Picture Concepts

  1. Picture Layouts

Themes, Templates, Masters, and Layouts

Themes - Basics

  1. Applying Themes in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  2. Super Themes

Theme Fonts

  1. Theme Fonts
  2. Create Custom Theme Fonts
  3. Edit Theme Fonts Set

Slide Master and Slide Layouts

  1. Change Background Styles in the Slide Master
  2. Slide Layouts within Slide Master View
  3. Change Background Styles for Slide Layouts
  4. Custom Backgrounds for Slide Master and Layouts
  5. Duplicate, Rename, and Edit Slide Layouts
  6. Add New Slide Layouts
  7. Inserting New Placeholders Within Slide Layouts
  8. Formatting Picture Placeholders
  9. Create Custom Shaped Picture Placeholders
  10. Add Your Logo or Graphic to the Slide Master
  11. Add and Rename Slide Masters
  12. Duplicate Slide Masters
  13. Working with Picture Slide Layouts

Fills, Lines, and Effects

Fills for Slide Background

  1. Slide Background Styles
  2. Format Slide Background
  3. Solid Fills for Slide Backgrounds
  4. Gradient Fills for Slide Backgrounds
  5. Pattern Fills for Slide Backgrounds
  6. Picture Fills for Slide Backgrounds
  7. Texture Fills for Slide Backgrounds

Outlines (Lines) for Shapes

  1. No Shape Outline
  2. Formatting Lines (and Shape Outlines)
  3. Formatting Outlines for Shapes
  4. Dash Styles in Outlines
  5. Formatting Arrows (Arrowheads)
  6. Gradient Outlines

Fills for Shapes

  1. Fills for Shapes
  2. Solid Fills
  3. Picture Fills
  4. Advanced Picture Fill Options
  5. Gradient Fills
  6. More Gradients
  7. Gradient Stops
  8. Add Texture Fills to Shapes
  9. Tiling Options
  10. Pattern Fills
  11. Add Slide Background Fill to Shapes
  12. No Fill
  13. Transparency for Shape Fills in PowerPoint
  14. Eyedropper Option

Shape Effects

  1. Shape Effects
  2. Apply Preset Effects to Shapes
  3. Apply Shadow Effects to Shapes
  4. Advanced Shadow Effect Options
  5. Apply Reflection Effects to Shapes
  6. Advanced Reflection Options
  7. Apply Glow Effects to Shapes
  8. More Glow Colors
  9. Advanced Glow Options
  10. Apply Soft Edges to Shapes
  11. Advanced Soft Edges Options
  12. Apply Bevel Effects
  13. 3-D Format Options for Shapes
  14. Apply 3-D Rotation Effects to Shapes
  15. 3-D Rotation Options For Shapes
  16. Apply 3-D Depth to Shapes

Charts and Graphs

  1. Six New Chart Types


Video (Movie Clips) -- Basics

  1. Screen Recording

Share and Prepare

Exporting Slides

  1. Save as PDF

Manage Versions

  1. AutoRecover and AutoSave Options
  2. Recovering Unsaved Presentations

PowerPoint 2016 Tutorials

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