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Creating Word Clouds for PowerPoint using Word Cloud Generator

Learn how to create word clouds for PowerPoint in Word Cloud Generator.

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Word Clouds provide creative ways to explore and explain a concept or a subject using relevant terms that support a central idea. Even better, they create a visual from some words, and can be used effectively in presentation scenarios, such as within your PowerPoint slides. Figure 1, below shows one such Word Cloud visual.

A sample Word Cloud graphic
Figure 1: A sample Word Cloud graphic

However, creating such a Word Cloud in PowerPoint can be both a daunting and a time consuming task! You will first have to insert text boxes and rotate them randomly until you are satisfied. And even then, the output you achieve in PowerPoint may not be so appealing. To make this process easier, we have been exploring some online applications that will help you create Word Clouds in a few minutes. We have already explored creating a Word Cloud using Wordle and now in this tutorial, we will explore another site called the Word Cloud Generator.

To get started, click here to visit Word Cloud Generator. The page will open with a sample word cloud, as shown in Figure 2, below.

The Word Cloud Generator site
Figure 2: The Word Cloud Generator site

Note: Does the Word Cloud Generator site look different to you? That’s possible since the web site evolves and changes all the time. However options available would still be similar. If the options have changed, please notify us via this feedback link – thank you!

To generate your Word Cloud, you can either enter/paste the text in the text field highlighted in red within Figure 3, below. Alternatively, just enter a web URL within the same text field, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 3 below.

Enter a web URL
Figure 3: Enter a web URL

When done, click on the Go button highlighted in green within Figure 3 above.

Now the cloud will refresh and display a new Word Cloud -- created using your text input, as shown in Figure 4 below.

Your own Word Cloud
Figure 4: Your own Word Cloud

Fortunately, you are not limited to the default output. You can make some changes by altering the options provided below the output, as shown in Figure 5.

Word Cloud Generator options
Figure 5: Word Cloud Generator options

Word Cloud Generator options are explained below:

  1. Spiral: Here you'll find two radio buttons, Archimedean and Rectangular (see Figure 6, below) to align your word cloud, choosing any one of them changes the design accordingly. In some instances, the change is not too obvious.

    Figure 6: Spiral

  2. Scale: Choose any one among these three radio buttons, log n, √n, and n (see Figure 7, below) to scale the output into many variations. The main resulting changes are that your Word Cloud spreads within a rectangular area, or condenses into a smaller oval area.

    Figure 7: Scale

  3. Font: You can change the Word Cloud's font family by typing the font family name in the field (see Figure 8, below) and hitting the Enter key on your keyboard. Note that the fonts you see are the ones installed on your system! Additionally, you can also use web fonts, as explained within the How the Word Cloud Generator Works page.

    Figure 8: Font

  4. Orientation: You can enter angle degrees within text boxes, or use the angler (protractor shape), as shown in Figure 9 to change the orientation of the World Cloud accordingly.

    Figure 9: Orientation

  5. Number of Words: This option allows you to limit the words in your word cloud. Directly enter the exact number of words you want and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Or use the Up and Down arrows besides the box, as shown in Figure 10.

    Number of words
    Figure 10: Number of words

  6. One word per line: Select this check-box (see Figure 11, below) to set the words within your word cloud to one word per line. Note that whenever you select or de-select this check-box do hit the Enter key on your keyboard to refresh the output.

    One word per line check-box selected
    Figure 11: One word per line check-box selected

  7. Download: You can download your Word Cloud as SVG or PNG format by clicking any one of these links (see Figure 12, below).

    Download as SVG or PNG
    Figure 12: Download as SVG or PNG

Play with these options. When done, download the Word Cloud as a PNG that you can insert within your PowerPoint slide. Do note that the exported PNG supports transparency, as can be seen in the resulting slide shown in Figure 13, below.

Transparent PNG Word Cloud in PowerPoint
Figure 13: Transparent PNG Word Cloud in PowerPoint

If you need a vector graphic, download the SVG file. Such downloaded SVGs can be opened in a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, and saved as an EMF file, that can be thereafter inserted in PowerPoint. You can then ungroup the EMF within PowerPoint, and then use it as a native PowerPoint drawing object!

Using Word Cloud Generator, you can create your own Word Clouds and use them as you like. According to the site there are no restrictions for usage – you can export, print on paper, clothes etc. or even import them into programs such as PowerPoint etc.


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