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Date Created:
Last Updated: February 6th 2010

Product Showcase

PowerPoint and Presenting Blog

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Spicy Slide Pack for PowerPoint: Conversation with "P-Spice" Lia

Known as her nickname "P-Spice," Lia is a management consultant with a passion for teaching others how to make presentations more engaging and impactful. She regularly shares presentation tricks on her popular YouTube channel PowerPoint Spice and the Spicy Presentations blog. In her full-time consulting job, she works with global Fortune 500 clients on solving their strategic planning and

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

YouTube Custom Thumbnail Templates for PowerPoint

Do you want to add cover thumbnails to your YouTube videos? Moreover, what exactly does a YouTube cover thumbnail mean? Let’s first answer the second question! A YouTube thumbnail is what you see before you play the video. More often than not, this thumbnail content is automatically sourced by YouTube from the video, but you can create a high-quality thumbnail yourself using PowerPoint!

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Insert Video Using Embed Code

The next option in our Insert Online Video in PowerPoint 2013 series is inserting video from a Video Embed Code. Here you can use embed code from any site and paste into Insert Video dialog box to insert the video clip into your slide. Technically, this option should work with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and most other sites. In reality, this option seems to only work with YouTube! And with

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Insert Video from YouTube

PowerPoint 2013 provides various sources which allow you to insert online video within your slide. We have already covered how to insert video from OneDrive. In this tutorial we'll cover how you can insert video from YouTube. Follow these steps to learn how to use the YouTube option to insert a video within PowerPoint 2013. Learn how you can insert YouTube video in PowerPoint 2013.

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Support for YouTube Videos in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013

Microsoft has reinstated the support for YouTube videos in both PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 for Windows. You may recall that the option to insert online YouTube videos was removed a while ago due to code discrepancies in the syntax that Google started to use for YouTube embeds. During the time that this option was no longer available in PowerPoint, users had to opt for a longer process or even do

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Manually Embed YouTube Video

Inserting online videos was one of the new key features Microsoft introduced in PowerPoint 2010. However, you really won't find the exact equivalent options in PowerPoint 2013 -- in fact, it has since been also removed from PowerPoint 2010! Fortunately you can still add online videos from YouTube to your PowerPoint 2013 slides by following a manual process. Learn how to manually embed a

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Missing “Video from Web Site” Option

Until some time ago, you could insert a video clip from a web site such as YouTube into your PowerPoint slide. Within PowerPoint 2010, this Insert Online Videos option lets you easily achieve an acceptable result. Within the Insert tab of the Ribbon, you would find a Video button. Click the button, and there would be three options in the resultant menu. This included the Video from Web Site

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

YouTube Video Wizard: The Indezine Review

YouTube Video Wizard is a PowerPoint add-in that enables you to insert YouTube videos into a PowerPoint slide using just the YouTube video URL that appears in the browser address bar. This is much easier than following the official Microsoft process of inserting online videos -- and Microsoft's suggested option only works in PowerPoint 2010 or later. YouTube Video Wizard, on the other hand

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Insert Online Videos (Movie Clips)

While PowerPoint 2010 can work with more video formats than previous versions, you can now easily also add a video clip from an online video site such as YouTube or even a slide sharing site like SlideShare, authorSTREAM, or SlideBoom. The actual process is easy -- follow these steps to get started.Learn more about inserting YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2010.Categories: movies, powerpoint_2010,

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Brainshark for YouTube: Conversation with Andy Zimmerman

Andy Zimmerman, is the vice president and general manager for myBrainshark – Brainshark's free site for creating, sharing and tracking multimedia presentations. He oversees myBrainshark strategy, marketing, partnerships and sales.In this conversation, Andy discusses "Brainshark for YouTube", a new capability announced today that lets users and Brainshark enterprise customers

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Acoolsoft PPT2YouTube: The Indezine Review

Most of us are familar with PowerPoint to Flash conversion -- this happens automatically on slide sharing sites like Slideshare, Slideboom, Authorstream, etc. and there are tons of add-ins available that do the same locally on your computer. However, converting PowerPoint to a video format and sharing it on a video site like YouTube has never been as easy as the PowerPoint to Flash option. The

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

authorSTREAM Desktop: Conversation with Umesh Sharma

Umesh Sharma is the Product Head at authorSTREAM, an online slide sharing site integrated with social media. Based in Chandigarh, India -- Umesh's profiles includes developing product roadmaps and managing media interactions. In this conversation, Umesh discusses the new authorSTREAM Desktop product.Geetesh: Tell us more about the new authorSTREAM Desktop product – what is it's raison d'être?

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

authorSTREAM Desktop: Search Bing, YouTube, and Upload to authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM has introduced the new authorSTREAM Desktop product that installs as an add-in to PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. The product is entirely free, and when successfully installed, it shows up as a new tab in the Ribbon of PowerPoint 2007 as shown in Figure 1, below.Figure 1: The authorSTREAM tab in the PowerPoint 2007 RibbonAlthough there are several buttons on this tab, there are three

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

SlideShare Adds Embedding of YouTube Videos

SlideShare announced the capability to embed YouTube videos within SlideShare uploaded presentations in an open beta. Embeded YouTube videos show up as separate slides inside the SlideShare player. The embedded demo below explains the entire process.How to add Youtube Videos to SlideShare PresentationsView more presentations or upload your own.Categories: online_presentations, powerpoint,

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Google Acquires Omnisio -- To Add Spice To YouTube?

We already looked at Omnisio a few months ago -- it's a lot of fun, and you can mash up your media in creative ways. And now the news is out that Google has acquired Omnisio.It's still not clear how Google will use Omnisio technology -- but it does seem like a natural synergy as far as using Omnisio and YouTube together is concerned.Update: David Berlind from InformationWeek says Omnisio is sort

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Flypaper Pro Launched

Flypaper announced the launch of Flypaper Pro. reports that "Flypaper Pro is a business solution that allows subscribers to track viewer stats, capture data, host content online and add design elements (i.e. charts/graphs). The service is available as a yearly subscription of $195 a year (with an introductory offer that’s valid through August 31)".Indezine earlier looked at Flypaper --

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

PowerPoint to YouTube with authorSTREAM

The folks at authorSTREAM have created an easy process through which you can make YouTube movies from your PowerPoint presentations. Rather than explain the entire process, I decided to create a how-to video tutorial on this subject:Categories: powerpoint, youtube

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Online Presentations with Flypaper

Flypaper is a cool, new presentation creation program that lets you create Flash presentations that you can instantly upload to sites like YouTube, MySpace,a nd Facebook. In its present beta incarnation, it has some rough edges and any comparison with PowerPoint would be probably like comparing apples and oranges since Flypaper seems to provide a very different concept altogether.Flypaper is a

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

Mix and Mash Online Video Clips with Omnisio

Omnisio, a new startup allows you to mix and mash videos from several online video sites like YouTube, Google, and to create new videos. You can choose start and end points to trim the existing video clips, combine them in a sequence you want, and create a new online video clip that you can share.These shared clips are entirely embeddable -- and you can have comments that actually hover

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

authorSTREAM now allows downloads of PowerPoint files, and sharing PowerPoints on YouTube and iPods

authorSTREAM, a site that lets you upload and share your PowerPoint presentations upped the ante today by offering a slew of new options:Download original presentations: You can now download the original PowerPoint presentation (or other file) if the author of the content enables the relevant option (see figure below).For your existing presentations uploaded to authorSTREAM, this option is

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

muvee: Halloween in New Orleans

This muvee was created with pictures clicked during PowerPoint Live in New Orleans -- Halloween coincided with the last day of the user conference. I imported some of these pictures in muvee and used their Halloween Horrors superStyle to create this video.Categories: movies, powerpointlive, youtube

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

muvee PhotoAlbum superStyles

The folks at muvee released a new PhotoAlbum superStyle that lets you show off your photos (and videos) in three new styles: Scrapbook, Coffee Table Book, and Little Ones.For those who are not aware, muvee is a cool product that takes out the pain out of creating your own "muvees" from video clips and photos. muvee includes several built-in styles, and you can get more superStyles from them.Here

03/26/2017 04:06 AM

PowerPoint to YouTube with Movie Maker

AbsolutePPT has a great, new tutorial that shows you how you can create YouTube content with nothing other than PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker.The tutorial uses a step-by-step process -- and each step is accompanied by a screenshot.Create PowerPoint YouTube movies now...Categories: online_presentations, powerpoint, youtube

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