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Date Created:
Last Updated: February 6th 2010

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PowerPoint and Presenting Blog

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Help Your Audience Remember Your Points With These 3 Techniques for Highlighting Important Words: by Ellen Finkelstein

When your audience sees a slide that is a sea of words, they will remember almost nothing. This type of slide overloads short-term memory and as they say these days, it's TMI (too much information). No matter how interesting your topic, when you present a slide full of text, people read it. They can read faster than you can talk, so they read ahead of you. In order to understand what they're

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

What is the Outline?

An outline within a PowerPoint presentation is all the text content of the presentation that's inserted within any of the text placeholders. Although visuals, multimedia, and other slide objects can play an important role within a presentation, a proper outline is still the main skeleton on which the body of a presentation can be sustained. Without a cohesive outline, everything else is akin

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Snap to Grid Settings in PowerPoint 2016

Once you make Gridlines visible on your slide in PowerPoint 2016, you may wonder if there's any benefit using the Gridlines other than the obvious benefit of possessing a visual grid that lets you place slide objects? The answer can be both Yes and No. Yes because you may believe that is all that happens on the surface. Moreover, no because unless you explore how the Snap to Grid option works,

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Shift Key Fun

PowerPoint provides several ways to arrange, position, or resize your slide objects – and the way these work can either save you hours of work, or provide you with enough time to waste. In this post, we will explore one such trick –- you first select an object – and then press the Shift key. While keeping the Shift key pressed, you then press the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, or Right) to make

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Did Your Laptop or Projector Die: Thoughts by Danny Rocks

Danny Rocks is a speaker, a trainer and an author. He has published five DVDs designed to help users get the most out of Microsoft Office programs. Also, Danny has posted over 200 video lessons on his website.This started as a thread on how to cope up with a dead laptop or projector in front of your audience, and what you should do to be prepared -- here are Danny's thoughts:Yes, this has

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Building an Interactive Public Transport Map Application in PowerPoint

This is a guest article by Jamie Garroch.Here's a convention challenging thought. PowerPoint isn't here to create presentations! At least not exclusively anyway. I read a lot of articles talking about the best way to create presentations yet PowerPoint can be used to do so many things, even create applications.To improve your skills and knowledge of PowerPoint, it's often a great idea to give

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

PowerPoint Cool Stuff: Create a Slide Show That Really Slides!

Ellen Finkelstein is the author of 101 Advanced Techniques Every PowerPoint User Should Know. This book contains several, cool PowerPoint tips, and one of them is excerpted on Indezine as an exclusive. Recently, it occurred to Ellen that the words "slide show" came about because early presentations looked like they were sliding as the slides were moved on and off the screen. Here's a technique

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

The Polished Presentation -- Shellie Tucker and Julie Terberg

It's always easy to be biased towards something put together by two of my friends -- but even if I were not biased, I'll call this sort of content "amazing". Shellie Tucker put up this article called The Polished Presentation -- and Julie Terberg was the designer who helped her with some great advice. Read the article on the Microsoft Office Online site. And while all the screenshots show

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Multi-Screen World by Ric Bretschneider

Ric Bretschneider, Senior Program Manager for PowerPoint at Microsoft posts often on the PowerPoint Team Blog -- one of his posts provides a quick and easy tip for those who have a dual monitor display so that they can use the larger screen area to edit two presentations at the same time.This tip works great with PowerPoint 2007 and earlier versions -- check it out here...Categories: techniques,

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Step Forward

No one is born a great speaker. Period. Granted, people are blessed with certain strengths in the area of public speaking, but every great speaker has worked hard to become the influential person or legacy that we see.Scott Schwertly explains more here...Categories: delivery, techniques

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

The Brown Bag: A Lesson about Presentation Delivery and Perception

Keep your message concise. Keep it clear. Keep it simple. And most importantly, be yourself. People will judge you. That is the fact of life. However, let them judge you for who you really are – not a poser, but an authentic voice.Scott Schwertly explains more here...Categories: delivery, techniques

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