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Date Created:
Last Updated: February 6th 2010

Product Showcase

PowerPoint and Presenting Blog

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

SmartDraw Cloud: Conversation with Paul Stannard

Paul Stannard is the founder and CEO of SmartDraw Software. A self-taught software developer, Stannard began his career in the PC industry in 1980, founding a software company that developed software for Apple computers. Since that time, he has written more than a dozen published software applications, primarily software designed to help people visualize information. Stannard wrote the first

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

SmartDraw For Dummies: Conversation with Daniel Hoffman

As Vice President of Marketing at SmartDraw, Daniel Hoffman is responsible for the continuous improvement of both the Internet and product customer experience, and for growing the installed base through online and offline marketing efforts. At Microsoft, Mr. Hoffman was a key member of the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office teams, and is a graduate of Stanford University. In this conversation

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

SmartDraw 2010: The Indezine Review

Visual content often scores higher than pure textual content -- and this has been proved by several scientific studies and surveys. Yet it is not always easy to create and use visual content in slides, documents, or even web pages because the tools required in creating such content typically involve a long learning curve, and familiarity with some new terminology. Our review product, SmartDraw

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

SmartDraw Guided Tour with Daniel Hoffman

I found this cool video clip on creating simple graphics really quick using SmartDraw -- these can be then used in your PowerPoint slides. Watch Daniel Hoffman take you through this walkthrough.Categories: graphics, powerpoint, smartdraw

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

SmartDraw 2009.5: Conversation with Paul Stannard

Paul Stannard is CEO of, creators of the popular SmartDraw program. In this Indezine exclusive conversation, Paul discusses the new features in the just-released SmartDraw 2009.5Geetesh: Tell us more about SmartDraw 2009.5's new features, and why there are important to Microsoft Office users.Paul: SmartDraw 2009.5 adds many new features but the three most significant increase

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

SmartDraw 2009.5: The Indezine Review

SmartDraw has been long a mainstay of those who want to create professional looking graphics fast and easy. And although PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office applications include many info-graphic options, they continue to lack several business graphic options such as mindmaps, storyboards, flowcharts, etc. SmartDraw has traditionally filled in these gaps, but now it has started offering more

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

SmartDraw Announces Version 2009.5 -- More Interoperability with Microsoft Office announced the release of version 2009.5 of SmartDraw. This new release includes updated features and enhancements that allow easier interoperability with Microsoft Office applications:PowerPoint Animation Support: Users can now add images, animation, and text that is replicated within PowerPoint as native PowerPoint objects when exported from SmartDraw.Microsoft Project

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