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Date Created: July 13, 2015
Last Updated: July 13, 2015

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02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Preview Pane in Sway

The Sway interface essentially is tri-paned. The first of the three panes typically shows content based on what you have selected from the toolbar – so you see the All Cards pane if you have selected Cards in the toolbar. The second pane is the Storyline, which is the editing environment for your Sways. Finally, the third area is the Preview pane. Explore the Preview Pane in Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Video Cards in Sway

We've already explored quite a bit within our Microsoft Sway tutorials, but we will reiterate that you cannot just add any content to your Sways without first adding a Card that will hold that content. So these Cards are essentially containers for your content. To place your video content in Sway, you will first therefore need to insert a Video Card, and that’s precisely what we will learn

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Picture Cards in Sway

Sway is an amazing tool that lets you play with disparate objects such as text, pictures, charts, multimedia, and even social media – all in one cohesive platform! Each object in Sway needs a home of its own – and Sway calls these “container” homes Cards. Let us now explore how you can work with Picture Cards in Sway. Learn how you can use Picture Cards in Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Media Cards in Sway

Cards in Sway are containers for various types of content – and are available in one of three Categories. These three Categories are Text, Media, and Group. We have already explored the Text Cards category – and now we will start exploring the various types of Media Cards. To view the types of Media Cards available, you will first need to insert a Card in your Sway Storyline. Explore Media

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Storyline in Sway

Sway has a three pane interface. The leftmost area typically sports the All Cards pane, and that can be turned off by clicking the Close button on its top-left area. The rightmost area is reserved for the Preview pane. Right in between these two panes is Sway’s Storyline area. All Cards you create and edit within Sway live within the Storyline. Learn about the Storyline in Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Text Card in Sway

A Text Card is the last of the three text card types available within the All Cards pane in Microsoft Sway, the other two being Title and Heading Cards. In many ways, this Text Card is like a Text Box in a PowerPoint slide – you just add a Text Card and type in the text content you want to show up on this card! Explore how you can work with Text Cards in Microsoft Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Heading Card in Sway

A Sway you create comprises of Sections – these Sections play one after the other when you view the Sway. However before any Section, you encounter the Title Card, which is akin to the cover page of your Sway. Similarly in Sway, Heading Cards are cover pages of individual Sections! Explore how Heading Cards work within Microsoft Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Naming and Reordering Sections in Sway

Sections hold any of the content that is placed within your Sway other than the main cover of your Sway – which is held attached to the Title Card. We have already explored the relationship between a Section and a Heading Card – and how you can add Sections within our Sections in Sway tutorial. If you want to delete the entire Section along with all the Cards it contains, click the Delete icon,

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Sections in Sway

We already explored that the Title card in Sway cannot be deleted. That’s because the Title Card represents the entire Sway. Now let us look at another such relationship in Sway – but even before we get there, let us understand the concept of Sections. Sections in Sway are much like Sections in PowerPoint – while a Section in the latter is a bunch of consecutive slides, a Section in Sway is a

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Focus Point for Pictures within Sway

You can insert a picture within your Sway as a background for a Title Card or a Heading Card, or even as a picture placed in a Picture Card. There may be times when you want to pan and zoom the picture between two or more important focus areas -- almost like a Ken Burns effect. You can do so within Sway using the Focus Points option. Explore the Focus Point option for pictures within Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Title Cards in Sway

A Title Card is something that's part of every Sway you create. You cannot delete the Title Card nor can you add a new Title Card to any existing Sway. In other words, a Title Card signifies the existence of any Sway you create and is among the most important parts of your Sway document. Not surprisingly, changes you make in the Title Card influence almost everything within your Sway. In this

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Learn Sway: Text Cards

We have already explored how Cards in Microsoft Sway work similarly to Placeholders in Microsoft PowerPoint. While PowerPoint has just a handful of Placeholder types, Sway provides many more Card types. In fact, Sway has so many Card types that they needed to be placed within one of three categories. We will first look at Text Cards, the first of these three categories of Cards. Explore how

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Working with Cards within Sway

You can create a new Sway from scratch, or you can also import existing files such as PowerPoint, into Sway. Then you can add various media elements within your Sway using the options explained in our Insert Options in Sway tutorial. Other than the Insert option, you can also work with Cards to insert various elements. So what is a Card? In Sway parlance, a Card is a container that contains

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Remove Services from Microsoft Account

In a previous tutorial, we showed you how you can connect a service to your Microsoft Account. However, there may be occasions when you want to remove any such connected service. Why? You may have privacy issues or may have changed your designation or job. In that case, you'll not want any such services connected to your Microsoft Account. Learn how to remove various connected services from

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Connect Services to Microsoft Account

Microsoft provides many online and desktop programs that let you do so much -- you can edit and create Office files, run an entire Operating System known as Windows, and also store and share files. In today's connected world, all these programs need to link to external "services" for sharing and using your personal documents. So what are these services? Well, most of these may be something you

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Insert Options in Sway

You can create a new Sway or import existing files into Sway. Whatever option you choose, you customize your Sways thereafter in the same way. There are many options that enable you to do so but in this tutorial we'll explore the Insert options that Sway provides. Explore Insert options in Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Import Content into Sway

In a previous tutorial, we looked at how you can create new Sway. Other than creating new Sways from scratch, you can also use your existing content by importing them into Sway. As of now, Sway allows you to import PowerPoint, PDF, and Word files. Once you import these files into Sway, the content in those files no longer works like how it did within the original format. However, that’s

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Create a New Sway

Once you sign into your Sway account, you can create Sways! Yes, the program and the files it creates are both called Sway. So what do you need to create Sways? You can either use the content from your local device, or any content from internet sources such as Bing, OneDrive, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also combine text and media to create an online. These created Sways can be shared later

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Sign into Sway

Before you start working with Sway to create your own digital presentations, reports, or documents, you must first sign in using your Microsoft account. A Microsoft account contains credentials you use to sign into any of Microsoft's services such as Hotmail, Outlook, XBox, Live, Zune, etc. Learn how to sign into Sway.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Getting Started with Microsoft Sway

Office Sway is a digital storytelling presentation program from Microsoft that's now part of the Microsoft Office family. With Sway, you can create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more by combining text and media to create an online presentation. Now the term "online presentation" may lead you to believe that Sway is an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint,

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Edit File Details in Docs.com

After publishing (uploading) a file on your Docs.com account, you can edit file details. It is suggested that these files details should be up to date as it helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and helps you make your content accessible to the world, although you can still set some limitations for your individual files. In this tutorial, we'll explore these options. Learn how to edit

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Send Docs.com Content by Email

Docs.com provides so many share options! We already showed you how to share Docs.com content on Facebook and on Twitter. The third option is the send a link to your file uploaded on Docs.com via the email option. Read further to learn more. Learn how to share Docs.com content by email.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Tweet Docs.com Content

One of the most amazing options that Docs.com provides is the ability to share your files with others in so many ways! Other than sharing your Docs.com content on Facebook, you are also provided with an option to tweet a link to your file! First upload a file on Docs.com, and then choose the Tweet option. Learn how to tweet Docs.com content.

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Share Docs.com Content on Facebook

After you have uploaded content on Docs.com, you will want to use the various Share options available to show it to others, especially via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to share Docs.com content on Facebook. Learn how to share Docs.com content on Facebook. Categories: powerpoint_online, tutorials

02/28/2017 04:30 AM

Publish Files on Docs.com

To share your file, or to embed from Docs.com you first need to have some files uploaded to your Docs.com account. And even if you do not want to share, you may still want to learn how you can upload your files. In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can Publish (upload) a file on Docs.com. Learn how to publish files on the Docs.com site. Categories: powerpoint_online, tutorials

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