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03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Removing Customizations from PCB Files in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint add-ins help in adding new capabilities that can polish your presentation in many ways. But when the time comes to uninstall these add-ins for whatsoever reason, you might be surprised to find their menu customizations still exist! Click those menu extensions and nothing may happen -- but these menu options are still there! In another scenario, you may have customized your PowerPoint

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Curved and Straight Line Segments

A line (outline) in PowerPoint contains both points and segments. In this tutorial, we will show you how segments (the line area between one point and another) work. We will also explore the two types of segments: straight and curved. You can edit these segments and also convert a straight segment to a curved segment and vice versa in PowerPoint 2007, as explained in this tutorial. Learn

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Open and Close Paths

The Shapes Gallery in PowerPoint consists various shapes, both open and closed. Most of the shapes in this gallery are closed shapes, for example, a Rectangle, an Ellipse, and a Triangle. There are also a few open shapes such as the straight point to point line. Also, there are some drawing tools let you draw both open and closed shapes -- these are the Freeform Line, Curve, and Scribble tools.

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Add or Delete Points (Vertexes) for Shapes

You learned what Edit Points in PowerPoint are and how this option influences the look of shapes in PowerPoint. Even though the Edit Points option edits vertexes and give you control over how you want a shape to look, sometimes you might find it difficult to edit a certain segment in a shape because there are no points available to manipulate? Or there may be far too many points! PowerPoint

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Edit Points for Shapes

When you insert a shape within PowerPoint, you are not limited to what their default appearance looks like. You may want to change a rectangle to a rhombus, or even edit a curved or freeform line differently. The good news is that you can do this using the Edit Points option -- this almost makes PowerPoint a drawing program that provides you the option to play with vertexes (points), handles,

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Slides With Countdown Timers

What if you are in a situation where you must give your presentation within a time constraint? Maybe you have been allowed precisely 15 or 10 minutes, and then you need to wrap up. How will you keep track of the time? One solution to this issue is to use the countdown timers in your presentation. This tutorial explains how you can add a countdown timer within your presentation in PowerPoint

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Change the Default Template or Theme

When PowerPoint is launched, it opens with an empty presentation of just one slide. This one slide typically has placeholders for a title and a subtitle -- and any text you type shows up in black over a white slide background. Why do you have to live with these defaults? Can you change this blank presentation so that you get a slide that's part of your custom PowerPoint template or Theme? Or

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Repair Office

Microsoft Office 2007 is one of the most popular Office suites released so far by Microsoft. Even after so many years, it continues to be one of the major programs still in use. However, after years of use, your installation of Office 2007 may not run too well. You may encounter crashes or even some corrupted files. Additionally you may see some error messages when you launch PowerPoint 2007 or

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Keyboard Sequences: PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

Many users are familiar with keyboard shortcuts -- yet there are no real shortcuts for tasks users need to perform all the time -- this includes changing PowerPoint 2007's views or even aligning or reordering slide objects. Thankfully, there are many keyboard sequences that work for these tasks. Most sequences entail that you press two buttons -- and then press a third button after a moment. So

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Create Custom Theme Fonts Using XML

PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 include several built-in Theme Fonts sets. Additionally, you can also create custom Theme Fonts sets from within PowerPoint -- however this provides limited abilities because you can only change the fonts used for the Latin script. If your organization uses multiple scripts, or if you want to explore extra options available within the Theme Fonts specifications,

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Sharing, Editing, and Deleting Custom Theme Fonts

Although PowerPoint (and Microsoft Office ) includes several Theme Fonts sets, you can take this concept further by creating your own custom Theme Fonts sets. When you create a custom Theme Fonts set, the new set will appear within the Custom section of the Fonts drop-down gallery. However, what do you do when you want to delete a Theme Fonts set because you made a mistake -- or if you have too

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Create Custom Theme Fonts

With Theme Fonts, you get several sets of ready made choices in PowerPoint, and you can choose and apply from these pre-decided pairs of font choices, without changing the overall Theme. In this tutorial we'll teach you how you can create your own Theme Fonts set, which can be used in all your presentations. Follow these steps learn more. Learn how to create custom Theme Fonts sets in

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Theme Fonts

Each Theme contains several unique facets that set it apart from other Themes. These include Theme Fonts, Theme Colors, and Theme Effects. When you apply a different Theme to your PowerPoint presentation, the fonts, colors, and effects applied to your slides change. Unless you override this on a per slide basis, these changes show up in all slides in the presentation. The resulting slides all

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Chart Advisor: The Indezine Review

Have you ever wondered if the typical column chart you use all the time is the best way to present your data? Or should you explore the other variations for column charts? Maybe, you should use a stacked area chart to show some data in a better way? There are so many questions -- and answers to most of them would be on the lines of "Great, but first I need to see what these charts look like with

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Add Trigger for Sound and Movie Actions

Slides with interactivity work great in scenarios where the presentation in question is not linear in which slides advance one after the other at set timings. Also, the person or audience for whom these slides are intended must be aware that some interactivity has been placed on these slides so that they can go ahead and click on some slide objects to cause an action to happen. This is especially

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Movie Actions

Although PowerPoint classifies Movie Actions as an animation type, these are not strictly animations. Yet, since you access them through the Custom Animation task pane, we have included this tutorial in our Animations section. In simple terms, a Movie Action is something that causes an event for any inserted movie clip -- these are simple events such as Play, Pause, Resume, and Stop. By providing

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Sound Actions

Although PowerPoint classifies Sound Actions as an animation type, it is not strictly an animation. Yet, since you access them through the Custom Animation task pane, we have included this tutorial in our Animations section. In simple terms, a Sound Action is something that causes an event for any inserted sound clip -- these are simple events such as Play, Pause, Resume, and Stop. By providing

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Insert Sound

Sound files of various types such as MP3s, WMAs, or WAVs can be used in PowerPoint 2007. As far as possible, work with a presentation that has been saved at least once; then copy any sound/music file you want to insert to the same folder as the presentation. Open your presentation and navigate to the slide where you want to add a sound.Learn how to insert sound clips in PowerPoint 2007.Categories

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Trigger Animations

When you are presenting, you may come across a scenario where you want to click on one slide object to animate some other object. Not only can you cause the click to trigger a typical animation of another slide object, but you can also trigger media events such as playing a sound or video clip. Not surprisingly, these types of animations are called Trigger animations -- since they trigger an

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Animation Sounds

The main purpose of adding animation to any slide object is to draw the attention of the audience to some movement. Once you set an animation event, and set the speed of the animation, you may also want some sound to play along with the animation -- one aspect that you should always remember is that although you can add sound to an animation, it is not always necessary to do so -- we suggest you

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Build and Sequence Animations

Animation is a fine art that lets you illustrate a concept using movement. However there's a thin dividing line between mere movement and utter confusion. Imagine a classroom where a teacher moves around the room explaining a concept -- as he or she moves, the eye of the students follows him or her. There is a clear focus in the room, and the subject of that focus is the teacher. Now imagine

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Control Animation with Advanced Timeline

You already learned how to show the Advanced Timeline for Custom Animation within PowerPoint 2007. The main advantage of using the Advanced Timeline to edit your animation is that you can control the start time, duration, and end time of your animation to the most minute level. You are not limited to the time or speed presets that PowerPoint provides. For example, by using the Advanced Timeline

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Show the Animation Advanced Timeline

There's so much you can do within the default Custom Animation task pane within PowerPoint 2007 -- you can add animation to any slide object, change the animation event as required, and set the speed of the animation spanning all the way from Very Slow to Very Fast, choosing from several preset speeds available. Yet, there may be times when you want your animation to play for a time span that

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

PixSwap: The Indezine Review

While PowerPoint 2003 and previous versions provided you with an option to recolor your pictures easily, this option was removed in PowerPoint 2007 and also did not make it to the subsequent PowerPoint 2010. This was indeed one of the very cool options in PowerPoint and many long-time users were not too amused with its absence. Yes, if you have a copy of PowerPoint 2003 or an older version

03/26/2017 05:36 PM

Ribbon Hero 2: The Indezine Review

Ribbon Hero 2 is an interactive game for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 for Windows (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and now OneNote) designed to help you boost your knowledge and skills in using Office applications. Ribbon Hero 2 is the new version of the game and is upgraded with new animations, multiple levels, upside-down Clippy, and a ton of useful Office features.http://www.blogger.com/img/

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