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03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Explore Fonts: Algerian

Alan Meeks and Philip Kelly created Algerian. Initially, Algerian comprised only capital letters, but some font houses created a complete typeface that included small letters. Since Microsoft Office 4.3, Algerian has been bundled with each version of Office until Microsoft Office 2010. This abundant availability of Algerian probably resulted in its over-use. Explore Algerian, a decorative font

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: March 20, 2017

Dr. Stephanie Evergreen, author of charting and data visualization books talks about her new Chart Chooser Cards, that she created with Gavin McMahon. We have already featured Gavin in a similar conversation. We also look at Spring visually and as a theme. Explore and download spring themed PowerPoint goodies. In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can explore simple spell checks and

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Creating Word Clouds for PowerPoint using Wordle

Have you seen a bunch of words with similar meanings that are arranged together to form a graphic? Such a graphic is commonly called a Word Cloud. These Word Clouds are primarily textual art and define subjects, scopes or even ideas. Such clouds may contain words that involve or influence the subject which the presenter or the user is focused on. Learn how to create word clouds for

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Get More SmartArt Graphics

In addition to creating SmartArt, and including a bunch of some great variants out of the box, Microsoft also created a way for individuals and developers to create their own custom SmartArt Layout files. These new SmartArt Layouts with the file extension, GLOX could drop into a designated folder, and this simple action would result in additional SmartArt graphics being available. Learn how

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Chart Chooser Cards: Conversation with Dr. Stephanie Evergreen

Dr. Stephanie Evergreen is an internationally-recognized speaker, designer, and researcher. She is best known for bringing a research-based approach to helping researchers better communicate their work through more effective graphs, slides, and reports. She is the 2015 recipient of the American Evaluation Association’s Guttentag award, given for notable accomplishments early in a career. She

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: March 13, 2017

We begin our series exploring all fonts that have been included with Microsoft Office installations. The first feature of this series looks at Agency FB. We then explore changes at Pickit, an online vendor of clip media with an investment from Microsoft. For those of you who are not aware, Pickit provides free images that you can insert in your PowerPoint slides. In the Tutorials section,

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Explore Fonts: Agency FB

Agency FB is a well-known Art Deco font face inspired by ATC Agency Gothic, originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1932 as an uppercase font. In 1990, David Berlow of Font Bureau designed a lowercase and added a bold variant to produce Agency FB. Explore Agency FB, a familiar Art Deco style font face from Font Bureau.

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: March 7, 2017

First of all, we get you a conversation with Steven Blom of Sendsteps, who explains "When attending a conference, meeting or presentation, however, you'll experience that most people do not feel the freedom to speak up." We then bring you Scott Schwertly of Ethos3, who talks about his groundbreaking, new book called What’s Your Presentation Persona? And then we explore how INSCALE from Germany

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Sendsteps: Conversation with Steven Blom

Steven Blom is a serial entrepreneur and co-founded Sendsteps, a PowerPoint add-in that allows the audience to ask questions with their mobile phone to the speaker on stage. He received his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering of the Delft University of Technology and graduated Cum Laude. In this conversation, Steven discusses Sendsteps. Geetesh: Steven, there are several audience

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: February 28, 2017

We start with something unusual: how you can draw a petal shape in PowerPoint. This result is very easy to achieve, and yet not so obvious. We also provide a video tutorial on creating a petal shape in PowerPoint. We then bring you a review of Wondershare Filmora, a new video editing program. You can also learn how to identify the version and license of the PowerPoint instance installed on your

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Animate Bubble Charts in PowerPoint with Morph

OK, the title of this post is missing an important word, but I won't tell you about the missing word right away. First, let us remember Hans Rosling, who died on 7 February 2017 aged 68. He was an amazing speaker, and his TED talks have been viewed many times. He was also known for his non-profit organization, Gapminder, which he founded with his son Ola and daughter-in-law Anna. Hans Rosling

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: February 21, 2017

We bring you night sky backgrounds that are starlit -- discover 5 backgrounds in amazing colors. We then interview Gavin McMahon who talks about his new Chart Chooser Cards he created with Dr. Stephanie D. H. Evergreen. We wind up the Identify Font Types series by showing how you can do so in Microsoft Windows 7. We also show you how you can create Word Clouds for PowerPoint using Word Cloud

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Petal Shapes in PowerPoint

Do you want to create a flower diagram, or just draw a normal flower? You will soon realize that PowerPoint’s Shape Gallery offers no Petal shape or even no Leaf shape. However, PowerPoint’s amazing Merge Shapes tools allow you to create almost any shape without having actually to draw anything. And they also allow you to create convincing Petal shapes. We show you two ways to create a Petal

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Creating Word Clouds for PowerPoint using Word Cloud Generator

Word Clouds provide creative ways to explore and explain a concept or a subject using relevant terms that support a central idea. Even better, they create a visual from some words and can be used effectively in presentation scenarios, such as within your PowerPoint slides. However, creating such a Word Cloud in PowerPoint can be both a daunting and a time-consuming task! To make this process

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Chart Chooser Cards: Conversation with Gavin McMahon

Gavin McMahon is a senior partner and co-founder of fassforward Consulting Group, where he advises Fortune 100/500 companies on business strategy. He brings a unique perspective on growth and innovation to his clients driving outcomes, traction, and results. In this conversation, Gavin discusses his Chart Chooser Cards he created with Dr. Stephanie D. H. Evergreen. Geetesh: Chart Chooser Cards

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: February 14, 2017

In an exclusive post, Jon Heathcote talks about the need to use roadmaps on PowerPoint slides. We also explore how you can identify font types in Microsoft Windows 8--we already have similar tutorials for other Windows versions. In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about drawing all types of lines: Straight, Curved, Freeform, and Scribbles. Finally, do not miss the new press

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Inserting SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016

SmartArt is a PowerPoint option that allows you to create diagrams easily. Did you know that SmartArt can function as a substitute for conventional bullet points? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to insert a SmartArt graphics within PowerPoint 2016. If you are new to SmartArt, do also take a look at the What is SmartArt and SmartArt Samples pages. Learn how to insert SmartArt graphics in

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Night Sky Starlit Backgrounds

The ZIP file that you will download contains five Night Sky Starlit Backgrounds in three resolutions: Full Size: 4000x2250 pixels (16:9), Widescreen Size: 1365x768 pixels (16:9), and Standard Size: 1024x768 (4:3). Not only can you use these graphics for slide backgrounds, but these background designs can also animate between slides using PowerPoint's Morph transition. Download and use these

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

What is SmartArt?

SmartArt is a diagramming component first introduced within PowerPoint 2007 for Windows, and now available on most platforms where PowerPoint is available including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Among other niceties, SmartArt allows you to replace boring bullet points with info-graphic content using text within shapes. Learn more about working with SmartArt within PowerPoint so that you

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Identify Font Types in Microsoft Windows 8

Some applications do identify font types by placing icons next to a particular font in a listing. Such behavior is an exception rather than a norm, and many times you may not know which font type you are choosing. And by font type, we mean the various font file formats such as OpenType, TrueType, etc. that are recognized by Microsoft Windows. Learn how to identify font types in Windows 8.

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: February 7, 2017

We feature an amazing tutorial from Duarte that looks at working with grids. We then explore alternative ways to work with fonts that are not available on all systems. In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about Shape Effects, such as 3-D Rotation Options and 3-D Depth. We also explore Super Themes, Duplicating Slides, and PowerPoint Program Options. Finally, do not miss the

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 31, 2017

We begin by exploring Rooster Shapes, in time for the Chinese New Year--and you can also use these Rooster shapes for other reasons. Ethos3, a leading presentation design house shares a case study about making financial slides. And Kurt Dupont talks about an amazing new option that lets you add text to speech features in PowerPoint! In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

Getting Started with Morph

Every new release of PowerPoint brings forth new features, but only a few of them have made people sit up and take notice. The most popular of these few changes has been the Morph transition effect. Now, the Morph transition effect is not available to everyone; at the time of writing, this new transition effect was only available to PowerPoint 2016 users on both Windows and Mac platforms who have

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint Shapes: Rooster Designs

The ZIP file that you will download contains four Rooster designs with several fill styles applied, and twelve sample slides suitable for use as Chinese New Year greeting cards. These Rooster designs are available in both black and white and are contained within separate sample presentations that you download. Get these Rooster design shapes now.

03/25/2017 04:36 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 24, 2017

We begin by exploring Morph, a transition in PowerPoint that is more than a mere "transition." In coming weeks, we have planned to bring you more Morph-specific content. In an exclusive conversation, Chad Jardine talks about GoReact, a "game film for presenters." In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about Shape Effects, such as Glows and Soft Edges. Finally, do not miss the

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