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02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Creating Word Clouds for PowerPoint using Word Cloud Generator

Word Clouds provide creative ways to explore and explain a concept or a subject using relevant terms that support a central idea. Even better, they create a visual from some words and can be used effectively in presentation scenarios, such as within your PowerPoint slides. However, creating such a Word Cloud in PowerPoint can be both a daunting and a time-consuming task! To make this process

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Chart Chooser Cards: Conversation with Gavin McMahon

Gavin McMahon is a senior partner and co-founder of fassforward Consulting Group, where he advises Fortune 100/500 companies on business strategy. He brings a unique perspective on growth and innovation to his clients driving outcomes, traction, and results. In this conversation, Gavin discusses his Chart Chooser Cards he created with Dr. Stephanie D. H. Evergreen. Geetesh: Chart Chooser Cards

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: February 14, 2017

In an exclusive post, Jon Heathcote talks about the need to use roadmaps on PowerPoint slides. We also explore how you can identify font types in Microsoft Windows 8--we already have similar tutorials for other Windows versions. In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about drawing all types of lines: Straight, Curved, Freeform, and Scribbles. Finally, do not miss the new press

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Inserting SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016

SmartArt is a PowerPoint option that allows you to create diagrams easily. Did you know that SmartArt can function as a substitute for conventional bullet points? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to insert a SmartArt graphics within PowerPoint 2016. If you are new to SmartArt, do also take a look at the What is SmartArt and SmartArt Samples pages. Learn how to insert SmartArt graphics in

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Night Sky Starlit Backgrounds

The ZIP file that you will download contains five Night Sky Starlit Backgrounds in three resolutions: Full Size: 4000x2250 pixels (16:9), Widescreen Size: 1365x768 pixels (16:9), and Standard Size: 1024x768 (4:3). Not only can you use these graphics for slide backgrounds, but these background designs can also animate between slides using PowerPoint's Morph transition. Download and use these

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

What is SmartArt?

SmartArt is a diagramming component first introduced within PowerPoint 2007 for Windows, and now available on most platforms where PowerPoint is available including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Among other niceties, SmartArt allows you to replace boring bullet points with info-graphic content using text within shapes. Learn more about working with SmartArt within PowerPoint so that you

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Identify Font Types in Microsoft Windows 8

Some applications do identify font types by placing icons next to a particular font in a listing. Such behavior is an exception rather than a norm, and many times you may not know which font type you are choosing. And by font type, we mean the various font file formats such as OpenType, TrueType, etc. that are recognized by Microsoft Windows. Learn how to identify font types in Windows 8.

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: February 7, 2017

We feature an amazing tutorial from Duarte that looks at working with grids. We then explore alternative ways to work with fonts that are not available on all systems. In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about Shape Effects, such as 3-D Rotation Options and 3-D Depth. We also explore Super Themes, Duplicating Slides, and PowerPoint Program Options. Finally, do not miss the

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 31, 2017

We begin by exploring Rooster Shapes, in time for the Chinese New Year--and you can also use these Rooster shapes for other reasons. Ethos3, a leading presentation design house shares a case study about making financial slides. And Kurt Dupont talks about an amazing new option that lets you add text to speech features in PowerPoint! In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Getting Started with Morph

Every new release of PowerPoint brings forth new features, but only a few of them have made people sit up and take notice. The most popular of these few changes has been the Morph transition effect. Now, the Morph transition effect is not available to everyone; at the time of writing, this new transition effect was only available to PowerPoint 2016 users on both Windows and Mac platforms who have

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint Shapes: Rooster Designs

The ZIP file that you will download contains four Rooster designs with several fill styles applied, and twelve sample slides suitable for use as Chinese New Year greeting cards. These Rooster designs are available in both black and white and are contained within separate sample presentations that you download. Get these Rooster design shapes now.

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 24, 2017

We begin by exploring Morph, a transition in PowerPoint that is more than a mere "transition." In coming weeks, we have planned to bring you more Morph-specific content. In an exclusive conversation, Chad Jardine talks about GoReact, a "game film for presenters." In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about Shape Effects, such as Glows and Soft Edges. Finally, do not miss the

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Dynamic Text to Speech in PowerPoint

This is a promoted post. DataPoint is the PowerPoint add-on to display real-time information on your information screens. What more do you need? You can display information in real-time. Change the information on a second computer, and the data is updated on your screen. Want more attention? Set a notification sound when the data changes. Play a ping when a train is approaching the

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint Transitions: Morph

Few, if any transition effects have generated a buzz like Morph! Morph technically may be a mere transition, but it adds capabilities to PowerPoint that redefines the way you work with slides altogether. Explore the Morph transition effect in PowerPoint.

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 17, 2017

We first bring you a complete synopsis of Nancy Duarte's amazing keynote at the Presentation Summit. Next, we feature Jon Schwabish in an interview, where he talks about his new book that's already receiving rave reviews. The book is named Better Presentations. We then explore a fascinating service called Beamium that lets you share your PowerPoint slides in a unique way. We also explore how you

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

GoReact: Conversation with Chad Jardine

Chad Jardine is Head of Marketing at GoReact. He also teaches Marketing and Finance in the business schools of Utah Valley University and University of Utah. He is the co-author of Pillars of Inflection: Seven Fundamental Strategies for Explosive Company Growth He tweets at @ChadJardine and occasionally blogs about marketing on Medium. In this conversation, Chad talks about GoReact. Geetesh:

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Beamium: The Smarter Way of Sharing PowerPoint Presentations

This is a promoted post. A lot of work goes into creating slides with PowerPoint. But what happens with your presentations after creating them? Sometimes they are used for presentations at events, some other time you simply share the documents as marketing white papers. Mostly, there is not much information which you receive after sharing the document, and only a fractional number of the viewers

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 10, 2017

We first bring you Jan Ole Kjellesvig of YAY Images, who talks about their amazing add-in for PowerPoint that lets you search for pictures objectively. Did you know that they have a TextSpace feature that shows pictures that can work best with superimposed text? We then feature Pooja Jaisingh, who talks about her new course on LinkedIn Learning called Captivate 9 Advanced Techniques. In the

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

YAY Images Add-in for PowerPoint: Conversation with Jan Ole Kjellesvig

Jan Ole Kjellesvig is COO and one of the founders of YAY Images, one of Europe’s leading stock photo agencies. YAY is built on a strong technological platform, and focuses on innovative ways to distribute content worldwide, both directly and through strategic partnerships. In 2014 they launched the new image licensing model called “streaming”, which has caught the attention of the industry. Jan

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 3, 2017

In this first issue of the year, we look at two amazing PowerPoint transition effects. Curtains is one of those effects that can be horribly misused, and yet can be effective if used with prior thought. Fade, on the other hand, is one of those all-weather transition effects that can be utilized on any slide. In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about the Reset option for

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: December 27, 2016

Rob Dysell of Pickit features in an exclusive conversation, in which he talks about Pickit's Talk Like a Rosling collection that comprises content inspired by the Rosling family. Rishabh Pugalia explains how you can create a pop-up effect with pictures within PowerPoint. We also bring you Gear Graphics for PowerPoint. In the Tutorials section, PowerPoint 2016 users can learn about saving PDFs (

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

PowerPoint and Presenting News: December 20, 2016

Kurt Dupont of PresentationPoint explains how their add-in DataPoint generates dynamic slides from a database. Additionally, he talks about a new feature integrating Bluetooth buttons. And then we have Tucker Hatfield, a long-time Program Manager at Microsoft who shares some hitherto untold stories about PowerPoint's amazing Background Removal tool. We also feature celebrated author, Steve Bustin

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Create a Pop-out Effect in PowerPoint

Do you always struggle to make people focus on your presentations? Maybe you’re not a Photoshop pro who can spice up the images by using fancy layers and filters. Has it ever occurred to you that you can add the same Pop-out effect right in your PowerPoint presentation? Let’s see how we can create a Remove Background effect or the Pop-out effect. It can be used if you have many images in your

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

Background Removal in PowerPoint: Conversation with Tucker Hatfield

Tucker Hatfield has been working as a Program Manager at Microsoft for 18 years and the last ten of them have been in Office. He’s worked on Cropping, Background Removal, Artistic Effects, Co-authoring, and Comments. He’s currently working primarily on Pen and Ink improvements for Office, including the recent Ink Editor feature. When work and family allows, he indulges his love for photography

02/19/2017 08:39 AM

New feature for DataPoint and Bluetooth Buttons in PowerPoint

Let me show our latest project where we use PowerPoint to streamline a waiting queue. There is a company with helpdesks, and they want to have some privacy when they are helping customers. So, that is why they have a waiting area and a large monitor that is showing the availability of the desks. A green or red traffic light is shown to visualize the status of each desk individually. On the

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