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03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Shutterstock Plug-in for PowerPoint on Mac: Conversation with Janet Giesen

Janet Giesen is Vice President of Business Development at Shutterstock. She runs integrated partnerships, co-marketing initiatives, and data deals for the company. Before joining Shutterstock, Janet managed affiliate and digital media partnerships for American Express OPEN. Janet holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, a Professional Certification in Publishing from Columbia's School of

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

FotoJet: Conversation with David Lin

David Lin is the CEO and founder of PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd, a dedicated graphics and software development company founded in 2006. Last year, they started their new app, FotoJet online which is now recognized and loved by numerous users, and it was also recommended by the Google Chrome Store this year. FotoJet has over 200,000 registered users worldwide and is focused on collage

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Do You Buy Stock Photos for Clients?

As a presentation designer, do you need to buy stock photos to use in your client presentations? But did you know that you may be breaking the rules, without being aware—even if you are paying to license the photos? Thanks to Nancy Duarte for highlighting this area in a recent conversation. Here is what she said: There's a little-known clause in terms of stock photo houses that states that

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

FotoMagico 4: The Indezine Review

FotoMagico 4 creates slideshow presentations using photos from an iPhoto, Aperture, or Adobe Lightroom library or any folder on your local Mac OS X drive. You can also add videos and titles to your slideshow, and play around with the transitions such as zooming pictures to highlight important areas of your pictures, and finally share your slideshows with others in a variety of formats such as a

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Insert and / or Link Pictures

Among the first few activities that any new PowerPoint user undertakes is inserting a picture in their PowerPoint slide. To most of you, inserting pictures is mundane -- an activity that's simple. But behind this simple task, there are options you may not be aware of. You know that a picture located in any of your folders can be inserted on a slide. But, have you wondered about the relation a

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Insert Picture

Adding pictures to a PowerPoint slide is a great way to add some visual detail. There are two ways to insert a picture on your slide in PowerPoint: You use a layout that includes a content placeholder, or you insert a picture within a slide irrespective of its layout. Whichever option you choose depends upon your choice -- we cover both of them in the following steps. Learn how to insert a

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Pictures in Slides: Conversation with Hermann Narez

Hermann Narez is a graphic designer for PhotoSpin, Inc., a royalty-free stock photo company. He currently heads up the Design Services department, develops and designs print, web, and e-marketing campaigns, and maintains brand consistency across multiple print, web, and e-marketing channels. In this conversation, Hermann discusses the importance of using pictures in slides. Geetesh: Using a

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

7 Steps to Great Images: Conversation with Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen Finkelstein is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP and author of several PowerPoint, Flash, and AutoCAD books. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines, newsletters, and blogs. As a best-selling author, her books have sold over 300,000 copies and been translated into over 14 languages. In this conversation, Ellen talks about 7 Steps to Great Images, her new ebook. Geetesh: How do the new

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Photo Album Ideas and Samples

In the last few days, we have shown you all the options available to you for creating Photo Album presentations in PowerPoint -- and yet there's something that is larger than all these options put together -- that is creativity and curiosity. This creativity and curiosity can only be satisfied with practice and inspiration. Even though the option to edit your existing Photo Album provides you

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Apply Theme to Photo Album Presentations

Once your Photo Album presentation has been created, you may notice that the default Photo Album template is a white background with black text. And if this is what you exactly want -- then you need not change a thing. But you can easily change the appearance of the slides by applying a Theme to your Photo Album presentation. You can of course do it outside the Photo Album presentation -- in the

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Frame Shapes for Pictures in Photo Album

PowerPoint's Photo Album feature is very powerful -- allowing you to insert hundreds of pictures in a two or three clicks. The best part is all these pictures are editable -- right down to their picture layouts, captions, etc. In fact, you can ask PowerPoint to show all pictures as black and white too -- and you can also change the frame shapes of the pictures -- you'll end up with pictures that

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Black and White Options for Photo Album

Rich, vibrant color attracts more attention in a picture than olde-world black and white. However, the contrast visible in a black and white photo is far superior -- artists and photography purists have long hailed the black and white picture as a creative medium. You may want to extend this creative medium to your Photo Album presentations -- fortunately, a click or two is all that is required

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Using Captions in Photo Album Presentations

In previous tutorials about the Photo Album option in PowerPoint 2010, you have learned how to create a new Photo Album and how you can edit existing Photo Albums by reordering pictures and changing the slide's picture layout. One of PowerPoint's most powerful features is to use captions for the pictures you add in a Photo Album presentation -- by default it uses the file name for your captions -

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Photo Album Picture Layouts

Once you create a Photo Album in PowerPoint 2010, you can do so much more with your photos such as reordering their sequence, changing their brightness and contrast levels, etc. However what might not be that apparent is that you can also make changes with the layouts of the individual slides -- such as how many pictures you want to be visible on a single slide. You can also choose to show slide

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Reorder, Remove, and Edit Photos within Photo Album

Photo Album in PowerPoint 2010 is not just limited to creating presentations that contain photos. After your photo album has been created, you can forget about its existence for a few days or months -- and then open the photo album presentation again, and edit it almost like you have just created it a moment ago! You can edit the photo content in many ways, since the Edit Photo Album dialog box

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Editing Your Photo Album

You have already learned how to create a Photo Album in PowerPoint 2010. Once the photo album has been created, you don’t reach a dead-end stop! In fact there is so much you can still do to make non-destructive edits to your photo album presentation. In this tutorial, you will learn about accessing the edit options within the Photo Album dialog box.Learn how to access the Edit Photo Album options

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Picture Copyrights

The adage, a picture is worth a thousand words has been heard more than a thousand times, and yet the truth in that statement still holds good, except in one scenario, and that is all about where the visuals actually came from? Many people are quite happy searching for keywords on Google’s image search (and similar search options on sites such as image searches on Bing and Yahoo!) -- they then

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Create Photo Album

If you like to use many pictures in your PowerPoint presentations, then you’ll be glad to know that PowerPoint can import pictures in several formats – from the ubiquitous JPG to the ancient BMP. Whichever file format you use, importing tens or even hundreds of pictures into consecutive PowerPoint slides can be a chore – fortunately, the awesome Photo Album feature makes this task a simple affair

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 and 2010: Recolor Picture Backgrounds

One of the worst things that you can do to your PowerPoint presentation is to add a busy, multi-colored background to your slides. However, people do that all the time and in the process, they compromise the subtlety and contrast of any content on their slides. One option is to recolor your backgrounds to make them more understated, and I do agree that this is a slightly difficult task to

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0: Conversation with Nate Anderson

Nate Anderson is Senior Product Manager at balesio AG, a leading provider of file optimization and compression solutions. He is a software industry veteran and was part of the core development team of the company’s new FILEminimizer Pictures software.In this discussion, Nate discusses the new FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0 product.Geetesh: Tell us more about FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0, and how

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0: The Indezine Review

Imagine this scenario: you try uploading your vacation pictures to a social network site, or send it via e-mail to share it with your family and friends. And then you end up with an error message complaining about the file sizes and dimensions being too huge. Well, it's not your fault but that's what you get with 12 megapixel digital cameras! Fortunately, there is FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0.Read

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Webinar on Presentation Tips

Engaging or boring? What effect do your presentation slides have on your audiences? Can images help? That's the topic of this webinar organized by ReadyImages. Julie Terberg of Terberg Design hosts this online seminar that will help increase the effectiveness of your visual communications. Julie will provide guidance on the proper selection and use of images, and she’ll offer real-world design

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

Webinar on Copyright and the Licensing of Images

If you use many images in your PowerPoint slides, you will find this webinar interesting. Copyright Clearance Center is hosting a webinar on copyright and the licensing of images next Wednesday, the 29th of April, 2009. The webinar will include a demo of ReadyImages.You can sign up here... Categories: powerpoint, photos

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

PowerPoint Cool Stuff: Animated Headshots

Learn how to animate a series of headshots -- very useful for an opening slide sequence. You can also use the same technique for product shots or vacation pictures -- just substitute the headshots!Learn more now...Categories: animation, photos, powerpoint, presentation_samples, tutorials

03/27/2017 03:26 PM

One Picture May Be Worth A Thousand Headaches

Pictures make presentations work. But the most interesting and compelling images aren’t generally found in free clipart galleries. So you comb the Internet, looking for just the right image to convey your message. Click-cut-paste. You’ve got it!While you may have “it”, that “it” is more than likely the copyright-protected work of a photographer or designer. Even for department presentations,

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