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Date Created: May 30, 2013
Last Updated: May 30, 2013

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03/28/2017 04:19 PM

How can I create a new PowerPoint presentation on Office Mobile?

Yes, it's true – you cannot create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch using Office Mobile for the iPhone. Although you can create a Word document or an Excel sheet from scratch, the same is not true for PowerPoint presentations – there may be some workarounds but even then you are limited since you cannot add new slides to your presentations. Learn how to create a PowerPoint Presentation

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Open Files in Office Mobile

Once you add a place such as your SkyDrive account to the Open tab within Office Mobile for iPhone, you can normally open your files off your SkyDrive account as easily as you would open any local file – but there’s a caveat – you need to be connected online all the time for this to work. Learn how to open files in Office Mobile. Categories: ipad, iphone, office_365, office_mobile,

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Add SkyDrive Accounts to Office Mobile

We already showed you how you can navigate within a PowerPoint presentation within Office Mobile for iOS – now let us explore how you can open and save presentations saved in your SkyDrive account. When you sign in using your Office 365 account credentials, you immediately get access to all the files stored on the cloud for that particular Office 365 account. However, you may have a different

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Getting Started with using Office Mobile

OK – you finally bought an Office 365 subscription or used an existing one – installed Office Mobile and signed in! It’s now time to get started with this bunch of 3 programs – yes, the programs are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. When you launch Office Mobile for the first time, you see three sample files – one each for a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, and a PowerPoint presentation? Get

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Sign in to Office Mobile

Launch Office Mobile for the first time on your iPhone or another compatible iOS device, and you'll have to see 4 screens (is this a slide presentation?) before you can even sign in! Swipe to the fifth screen and you finally come face to face with the Office Mobile Sign In page. Here's how you sign in to Office Mobile on an iOS device. Categories: ipad, iphone, office_365, office_mobile,

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Office Mobile: Cost, Renewal, and Benefits

While we have already established that there’s no cost involved in downloading and installing Office Mobile for iPhone, you will need to sign in using your Office 365 credentials to use any of the Office Mobile apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The most common Office 365 subscription is Office 365 Home Premium – this supports up to 5 iPhones (or other compatible iOS devices) with Office Mobile

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Will My Office 365 Subscription Support Office Mobile?

According to the Microsoft's announcement -- any Office 365 subscription plan which includes the full Office desktop applications can also work with the Office Mobile for iPhone. The Following are the Office 365 subscriptions and the device limits for iPhones with Office Mobile installed. Find out which Office 365 subscription plans include Office Mobile. Categories: ipad, iphone,

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Why do I need Office 365 to run Office Mobile?

OK – you are used to installing apps on your iPhones and iPads – first download, and then run the app. You may have to pay for the app – and most of the time, your money gets into the pockets of Apple’s App Store even before you actually download the app. However, things are a little different with the Office Mobile app that lets you run Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on an iPhone – you will soon

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Is Microsoft’s Office Mobile for iOS a Free App?

We all know that you need to buy the versions of Office that you run on your computer – such as Office 2013 for Windows or even Office 2011 for Mac. But as you explored in our Install Office Mobile on an iPhone (or iOS Device) tutorial, you paid nothing on the Apple App Store to download and install Office for Mobile – so does that make it a free app? The answer is not as simple as a generic

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Office Mobile: Apple App Store Does Not Let Me Install?

OK, you have an iOS device and you visit the Apple App Store to download Office Mobile – but then you run into problems. You can either not find Office Mobile at all – or you are not allowed to install it. Why does that happen, and what can you do – here are some guidelines to get you started. Find out why Office Mobile won't install on your iOS device. Categories: ipad, iphone, office_365,

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Office Mobile: Which iOS Models are Supported?

Now that Microsoft has released Office Mobile for iOS, the next question is which iOS devices are essentially supported? As such, Microsoft only claims support for the iPhone - but that does not mean that other iOS devices are not compatible with Office Mobile. On this page, we will explore which iOS devices can work with Office Mobile - do check if your device is on this list! Explore iOS

03/28/2017 04:19 PM

Install Office Mobile on an iPhone (or iOS Device)

Microsoft has finally released an iOS app called Office Mobile that lets you work with Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – the app does have many limitations and caveats but it’s a start – the biggest benefit is that your file formats remain unchanged and the file fidelity is preserved – this probably is Microsoft Office Mobile’s largest USP. So how do you install

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