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01/20/2017 10:31 PM

General Program Options in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

The General tab of the PowerPoint Options dialog box contains basic, yet some very important options related to the appearance and working of the PowerPoint interface. Changes to these options can result in a very different and more efficient workflow. The PowerPoint Options dialog box can be accessed in multiple ways, as explained in our Backstage View - Program Options in PowerPoint 2010 for

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

File Types that can be Opened in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Programs such as PowerPoint are a very significant part of our workflows not just because of their vast abilities but also because they can understand content from so many file formats. These include file types that PowerPoint can save and open -- we already explored file types that PowerPoint 2016 can save to -- but when you go and look at the file types that PowerPoint 2016 can open, you'll

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Identify Your Version and License of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office on Mac

Do you use PowerPoint and other Office programs on a Mac? Do you know which version you are using? And if the version question seemed easy, do you know what sort of license you are using? In this post, we will explore an easy way to identify version and license details for Microsoft Office on the Mac. Broadly speaking, new versions come with new features. For example, PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Create Your Own Theme Fonts Set in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Theme Fonts are font choices that are part of a Theme in PowerPoint or other Microsoft Office programs. Each Theme Font set has two font choices, one for the Heading fonts and another for the Body fonts. We already explored Theme Fonts in our Theme Fonts in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows tutorial. Now let us learn how to create a new custom Theme Fonts set. Learn how to create your own Theme

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Create Custom Theme Fonts Using XML (Windows)

PowerPoint 2007 and higher versions include several built-in Theme Fonts sets. Additionally, you can also create custom Theme Fonts sets from within PowerPoint. Yes, all Theme Fonts sets comprise a few lines of code within an Open XML file. You can open any Theme Fonts file with the .XML extension, and then edit them within a text editor such as Notepad. Save this file with a new name in a

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

30 Million or a Billion PowerPoint Slides?

Since 2001, we have heard the 30 million figure as the number of PowerPoint presentations created each day. Now it has been 15 years, and no one has provided a new, updated number—but someone did provide a number that was largely unnoticed as the figure was a passing reference in a keynote that spoke about so much more. During Microsoft's Build 2015 event, Satya Nadella said: This fundamental

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Updates for Office 365 Applications

Once in a while, or quite frequently, you may discover a surprising new feature such as the Morph transition effect in PowerPoint. Maybe your colleague, George had the same Morph transition effect available months ago? And Cally, your friend is complaining because she has no Morph transition effect although she seems to be running the same version of PowerPoint! Is this normal? And if yes, why

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Conversational Office 2016: Conversation with Heather Ackmann

Heather Ackmann is a Microsoft MVP and full-time author and trainer for AHA Learning Solutions, specializing in Microsoft Office, business professional, and soft skills training videos and educational materials. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging at Heather Ackmann and crocheting hats and scarves for her children who refuse to wear hats and scarves. You can follow her on Twitter @

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Which Themes are Installed within Office Versions?

Most of you know that Microsoft started including Themes rather than templates since Office 2007 – almost a hundred Themes have since been included within different versions of Office – for both Windows and Mac. But sometimes you will run into a roadblock when you cannot find a Theme you are looking for! Explore the list of pre-installed and available Themes within the Office versions

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Hyperlinks for Action Buttons in PowerPoint 2013

Just inserting Action Buttons on your slide is not sufficient -- you need to apply hyperlinks to them so that they have some function. You have already learnt how to insert Action Buttons. In this tutorial we'll learn more detailed techniques on working with Action Buttons. Each Action Button has a default action associated -- this typically is a hyperlink to some other slide in your

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Default Behaviors for Action Buttons in PowerPoint 2013

Once you place Action Buttons on your slide in PowerPoint 2013, you can make them do all sorts of actions when clicked. What sets Action Buttons apart from other shape types in PowerPoint is the iconography they contain. For most users, an icon such as a leftwards arrow indicates moving to the previous slide and a rightwards arrow does indicate progressing to the next slide. Another advantage

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Action Buttons in PowerPoint 2013

Shapes may look basic or even primitive, but they are the building blocks of almost anything you create on your PowerPoint slides. Fortunately, you are not deprived of choices because PowerPoint provides plenty of shapes, neatly categorized into nine types. Among all the shape types, Action Buttons behave differently -- these are essentially rectangular shapes that are used as navigation aids

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Notes Page View in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

The Notes Page is one of ten views available in PowerPoint 2016. This view shows you how your printed notes will appear. In this tutorial, we'll explore this particular view for Notes Pages and learn about the benefits of this view. First of all, the Notes page shows the speaker notes that you add to the Notes pane for each slide. Moreover, then these speaker notes are visible in three distinct

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Get a Free or Cheaper Copy of Microsoft PowerPoint

We all realize that nothing is really free in today's world, yet we all look for free stuff all the time. Well, maybe we were partially wrong when we said "nothing is free", because you can get a free, or at least a cheaper copy of PowerPoint and Microsoft Office. When we say free or cheap, we do not refer to bootlegged copies -- but genuine, original software. Here are some options for you to

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Handout Master View in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Handouts are documents you can print from within PowerPoint that include slide representations from your presentation -- you can opt to include as many as 9 slides on each Handout page. Of course with 9 slides on a page, your slides will look more like thumbnails. You can also choose to print just one slide on every handout page -- then your Handout pages will look like individual slides

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Mini Toolbar in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

PowerPoint 2016 does provide most editing options to make alterations within the Ribbon tabs, and you can also populate your Quick Access Toolbar with frequently used commands. Yet, all these tasks involve moving your cursor to the Ribbon, located above the Slide Area and back continuously. While this movement may not result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it helps to know that PowerPoint 2016 also

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Office 365 Subscriptions

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based subscription offering that lets you run Office applications on the desktop, on tablets and smartphones -- and also online. This is different from the perpetual versions of Office – find out more in our Office 365 or Office 2016 article. Additionally, some plans also include extra niceties like a subscription to the Skype for Business web conferencing tool,

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Alternatives for Office Clip Art Gallery

Microsoft's Office Clip Art Gallery, which was earlier known as Office Online is being shut down. This includes Microsoft's Office.com Clip Art and image search service, and also the Clip Art task panes in Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. The question then is, so what should you do when Office Clip Art goes offline? Here are some possible answers, alternatives

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Repair Office

Microsoft Office 2010 was released on June 15, 2010. It is the successor of the previous version, Office 2007 and among the most used programs across the globe. However, after using the Office 2010 programs such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel repeatedly -- there may be times when these Office 2010 applications face some serious issues such as crashes, corrupted files, etc. And in some scenarios

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Which Themes are Installed within Office Versions?

Most of you know that Microsoft started including Themes rather than templates since Office 2007 – almost a hundred Themes have since been included within different versions of Office – for both Windows and Mac. But sometimes you will run into a roadblock when you cannot find a Theme you are looking for! Explore list of pre-installed and available Themes within the Office versions released

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Learn PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Repair Office

Microsoft Office 2007 is one of the most popular Office suites released so far by Microsoft. Even after so many years, it continues to be one of the major programs still in use. However, after years of use, your installation of Office 2007 may not run too well. You may encounter crashes or even some corrupted files. Additionally you may see some error messages when you launch PowerPoint 2007 or

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

NXPowerLite 6: Conversation with Mike Power

Mike Power is the founder and Managing Director of Neuxpower, a software solutions company based in the UK. Neuxpower custom-builds both stand-alone applications and add-ins that enhance existing software such as Microsoft Office. Their commercially-available file optimization software NXPowerLite compresses PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files simply and effectively by up to 90%, making them

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Theme Builder Anomalies: Removed Content from Themes

After finding that Themes saved in Theme Builder were not working in PowerPoint 2010 (Windows) and 2011 (Mac), we decided to explore the issue further, and find out what exactly Theme Builder did to cause these incompatibilities. So, to compare the Theme saved in Theme Builder with it's original version (which was saved in PowePoint 2007/2010 as a Theme), we opened both of them in Microsoft

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Theme Builder Anomalies: Themes Incompatible with PowerPoint 2010 and 2011

We have seen strange things happening with Theme Builder and how it plays with PowerPoint 2010 (and PowerPoint 2011 for Mac). For some reason, Theme Builder creates THMX files that are not too well supported by the newer versions of PowerPoint. The solution is to keep a copy of older Theme aware versions of PowerPoint installed, and resave the THMX from within those programs!Be aware that Themes

01/20/2017 10:31 PM

Addintools Classic Menu: Conversation with Lin Jie

Lin Jie is from Addintools, a line of add-ins for Microsoft Office applications created by Detong Technology Ltd. from China. Lin began to program since 1991, and was first introduced to Microsoft Office in 1994. He started programming Microsoft Office by creating add-ins since 2001. In 2003, he released his first Office Add-in: Addintools Create. When Microsoft Office 2007 was released with the

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