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03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Nancy Duarte at the Presentation Summit 2016

At the Presentation Summit, before Nancy Duarte began her keynote, Rick Altman did a Seinfeld impersonation about a head of lettuce! He then reminisced about Nancy's involvement with the Presentation Summit back in 2003 (then called PowerPoint Live). Nancy started her session by mentioning how happy she was to see many recognizable faces. She observed that while much has changed since 2003,

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Guy Kawasaki at the Presentation Summit 2015

Guy Kawasaki did the Tuesday morning keynote at the Presentation Summit in New Orleans on September 29, 2015. He started by reminiscing about his days as the chief evangelist for Apple Computer. He spoke passionately about Steve Jobs. Guy speaks around 75 times a year in conferences and delivers keynotes. His work certainly has to do so much with speaking. And that's a continuation of his job at

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Carmen Simon at the Presentation Summit 2015

On Monday afternoon at the Presentation Summit, after most attendees had finished a heavy conference lunch, it was time for Carmen Simon to deliver her keynote. Of course, some attendees also found time to make a small detour to New Orleans' famous Bourbon Street before her keynote! You'll agree that this audience was the same, yet so different than the ones who attended Nigel Holmes' keynote

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Working with Presentations: Conversation with Kieran Chadha

Kieran Chadha is a senior presentation consultant at BrightCarbon, a consultancy in the U.K. that works with clients to present and sell with PowerPoint on iPads. He is also one of the U.K.'s leading authorities on creating effective presentations. He is passionate about improving the way that people present and communicate, and believes that everyone can do it with the right tools at their

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Electric Slide 2: Conversation with Jim Phelan

Jim Phelan has architected, designed and developed numerous business productivity, healthcare and e-learning applications. He is the co-founder of elucidate llc, where he created Electric Slide, elucidate’s core product, as well as several healthcare applications. Jim lives in Brooklyn with his mischievous cat Zeus, whose spirit name is Peeve. In this conversation, Jim discusses the new

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Steve Jobs and PowerPoint

OK, this is one of those strange things in life that encounters you in a foreign country. Back in May, I was on vacation in Bangkok and ended up in a book store full of Thai computer books. My curiosity led me to find books on PowerPoint and the most prominently displayed book in this section had Steve Jobs on the cover! At that time, Steve Jobs had already been dead for 7 months, and that

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

BrightCarbon (iPad Presentations): Conversation with John Bevan

John Bevan from BrightCarbon has over eight years’ experience in creating compelling, clear, and persuasive visual presentations. John has recently helped to develop Visual Conversations for iPad – a service designed to create effective material for sales teams using iPad. John is based out of Singapore, but also works with companies in Europe and the USA.In this conversation, John discusses the

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

iPad Presenting 08: Business use of Tablet Computing Surges

As expected, the iPad has led the revolution in tablet computing, even for business users. A survey-based study released by IDG shows that iPads are increasingly being used for business use -- for everything from web browsing to communication, and social media to reading. You can download a copy of this survey as a PDF from the IDG Connect site. The survey findings are also available as a white

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

iPad Presenting 07: Wired iPad to VGA with the Apple Digital AV Adapter

So much about presenting with an iPad depends upon how you can send the visual signals from your iPad to the projector or television outputs. We have already established that the wireless way of connecting the iPad to an output is far superior since it lets you hold the iPad in your hand and control your slides wirelessly – that way you are free to move around in your presentation venue – more

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

iPad Presenting 06: Connecting a TV or Projector to Apple TV

iPad presenting is a phenomenon that's waiting to take off. We have already explored how the iPad 2 and Apple TV 2 combination can make this concept work using AirPlay. Now we come to the last part of the hardware requirements in this post -- the part where you connect your Apple TV 2 to a TV or projector.The BasicsConnecting to a TV or projector that has an HDMI input is a piece of cake -- just

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

iPad Presenting 05: What is AirPlay?

In 2004, Apple introduced what was then a revolutionary technology that let you play music from iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC on speakers that could have been in the next room or anywhere else within your network. This technology was called AirTunes, and the speakers you wanted to play the music over had to be connected to an AirPort Express or Apple TV device. Yes, we are talking about the

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

iPad Presenting 04: Add an Apple TV

If you are serious about iPad presenting, then you may have already realized that it makes no sense to attach your iPad to a TV or projector with a cable. For one this means that your iPad is physically tied to a location, and you cannot really move around and navigate your content at the same time. And also the fact that you miss out on portability, the iPad's biggest advantage.The direction

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Air Display: Conversation with Dave Howell

Dave Howell is the founder of Avatron Software, the mobile app developer that created Air Sharing, Print Sharing, and Air Display. Before starting Avatron, Dave was a senior engineering manager at Apple, where he worked on the Pro Apps and Productivity Apps teams. Dave has Computer Science and Music degrees from Case Western Reserve University and a Cornell MBA.In this conversation, Dave

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

iPad Presenting 01: First Questions First

OK, you have an Apple iPad of the original first generation -- or the second one. You need to present in front of a small or large audience sometimes or fairly frequently, and just the thought of doing one of your upcoming presentations using the iPad rather than the regular laptop and the ubiquitous Microsoft PowerPoint (or Apple Keynote) makes your veins pump with faster flowing blood? And for

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Apple Announces Keynote '09

Apple announced the release of iWork '09 including Keynote '09, the presentation component of the iWork suite. iWork '09 also includes Pages '09 and Numbers '09.There are plenty of changes in Keynote '09, but the most noticeable of these is the new Magic Move option that allows you to add an across-the-slides animation to a single slide object. To do that, you select Magic Move as the transition

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

SlideShare Now Supports Keynote

SlideShare, a leading site that lets you upload and share PowerPoint presentations now supports Apple Keynote files too. All you need to do is zip up your Keynote presentation files and upload.There's an interesting tutorial on the SlideShare site that's embedded here:Upload Keynote to SlideShareView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: apple upload)You should also read this

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Working in a Microsoft Office-Apple iWork World

Although this topic is more of a Mac only thing, it's also relevant if you are a Windows users of Microsoft Office and receive files from iWork users on the Mac who save to Microsoft Office file formats.I read this article on the MacWorld site that goes into all the details of co-existing in a dual format/platform world -- and understanding the pitfalls and precautions required. I must say that

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

280 Slides: The Ross Boucher Interview

Ross Boucher along with Tom Robinson and Francisco Tolmasky comprise the team at 280North, a company based in Cupertino, United States that creates the 280Slides online presentation program. In this interview, Ross discusses how 280Slides evolved, the interface, input and output formats supported, and the response to the program.Read the interview here...Categories: keynote, online_presentations

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

PowerPoint 2008 or Keynote 08

The folks at PC World recently created the same presentation in both PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac and Apple's Keynote 08 -- the results make interesting reading. There's no clear winner, but PowerPoint 2008 may have surpassed Keynote 08 in several areas.Read more on the PC World site...Categories: keynote, office_mac, powerpoint

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

iWork: Microsoft May be Worried

iWork, Apple’s productivity suite, has managed to capture 16% of the Mac Office Productivity sales. This really is a fairly big achievement. Microsoft Office is a monster, everyone everywhere uses it and it is the standard for Office Productivity apps. So how have Apple managed to crack Microsoft’s dominance in this market?The MacApper site has more info...Categories: keynote, office_mac,

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

Apple Announces iWork '08, New Keynote Version, and New Numbers Program

Apple announced iWork '08, a new version of its productivity suite.This includes a new version of Keynote, their presentation software. New features in Keynote include Instant Alpha, a process that removes the background from placed images without having to use masking tools in image-editors like Adobe Photoshop. Another new feature is Smart Builds, an option that makes it easy to add animations.

03/27/2017 03:27 PM

PocketMac Remote: Conversation with Tim Goggin

Tim Goggin is the VP of Marketing & Sales for PocketMac. He has an extensive background in technology marketing and in direct marketing. In this conversation, Tim discusses PocketMac Remote, an application that allows the use of the Apple Remote to control PowerPoint and Keynote presentations on the Mac.Geetesh: Tell us more about PocketMac.net, and your products including PocketMac Remote.Tim:

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