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02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Add Dubsmash Videos in PowerPoint

In our Sharing Dubsmash Videos tutorial, we showed how you can export your Dubsmash videos on iOS devices to your Photos folder. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can insert these videos within your PowerPoint slides. Do note that this tutorial will look at using Dubsmash videos in PowerPoint for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. If you want to use Dubsmash videos in other

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Share Options in PowerPoint for iPad

Once you create a presentation on PowerPoint for iPad, or even if you open an existing one from a cloud location, you will then be able to share it with others right inside PowerPoint. So how do you do that? Learn about sharing options in PowerPoint for iPad.

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Working with Dubsmash

Are you one of those folks who is always ready to play with the next new thing on a cell phone? Or maybe you won’t touch something unless it’s very mainstream? Either way, you must have heard some murmurs about Dubsmash – or you may be a seasoned Dubsmasher? Whether you have heard of Dubsmash or not, there’s no denial that this is a fun program although it can also be an awesome time waster!

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: AutoSave

Desktop versions of PowerPoint let you choose where you want to save your files. They also prompt you to save your files if you close PowerPoint without saving your changes. Well, there is no such Save option within PowerPoint for iPad. Why? That's because most of the time, PowerPoint on the iPad will continuously auto-save your file as you make changes. It will also push these updated, saved

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Remove Places

Once you add a Place in PowerPoint for iPad, you may want to remove it. This is especially true if a friend or colleague temporarily added their OneDrive or Dropbox location to work on an urgent file using your iPad or iPhone. Fortunately, it’s easy to remove a Place, as explained in this tutorial. Learn how you can remove Places in PowerPoint for iPad. Categories: ipad, powerpoint,

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Access Files from Cloud Locations

While you can access your PowerPoint files saved on a cloud location such as iCloud Drive – or even from a saved Place such as OneDrive or Dropbox, there’s a little known option that also lets you access your PowerPoint files from other cloud services such as Box, Google Drive, etc. within PowerPoint for iPad. Learn how to work with various cloud locations in PowerPoint for iPad. Categories

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Working with iCloud

Unlike OneDrive and Dropbox which you add as a Place to access and save files in PowerPoint for iPad, Apple’s iCloud does not work the same way. To access and save files on your iCloud Drive, you will have to work a little differently as explained within this tutorial. Learn how to work with files stored on your iCloud in PowerPoint for iPad. Categories: ipad, powerpoint, tutorials

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Running PowerPoint for the First Time

After you install PowerPoint for iPad, the next thing you want to do is run it! However, running the program for the first time is a little different and requires that you understand about creating an account, signing in, etc. And yes, you can still use the program without signing in – but in the long run, if you want to use PowerPoint to its optimum – then you must make yourself familiar with

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Installing PowerPoint

For a long time, PowerPoint and other Microsoft apps were absent from Apple's App Store, and tons of wannabe programs filled in the vacuum created by the absence of PowerPoint on the iPad. Of course, this situation has since changed! To install PowerPoint on your iPad, you must first be sure that your iPad is compatible. At the time of writing, you need a device that runs Apple iOS 7 or later.

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Ribbon and Tabs

One of the most important parts of the interface within PowerPoint for iPad is the Ribbon – a typically orange area that sports Tabs with options and commands. Now this Ribbon works almost the same in PowerPoint for iPad as it does in PowerPoint instances anywhere. The main difference here is that you will have to tap to make something happen rather than click! Of course, since the options

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Add Places

Whenever you save a file, or open an existing file within PowerPoint for iPad, you access what is called a “Place”. Thus a “Place” is a location to save and access files. The question then is why do you need a Place? Can’t you just navigate a file structure and save files? No, you cannot because the iPad does not expose its file structure. In addition, some Places you access on an iPad are

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Account and Sign In

To really use and benefit with PowerPoint on an iPad, you will have to sign in with your Microsoft Account. So what is a Microsoft Account? It is essentially the email address that you use with Microsoft services such as Hotmail, Live.com, Xbox, etc. When you run PowerPoint for the first time on your iPad, you are asked to sign in – if you already did so at that point of time, then you need not

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Apply Themes

You might think that PowerPoint on the iPad may be underpowered compared to its siblings on the desktop – but that’s not true at all since Microsoft has managed to fit in a high level of aptitude even in a version that runs on a tablet. Yes, you won’t find every single option here – but you can certainly change Themes for your presentations, as we shall learn in this tutorial. Learn how to

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Choosing a Theme to Start

Whenever you create a new presentation using PowerPoint for the iPad, you will first have to choose a Theme that will determine the appearance of your slides. A Theme is essentially something that determines the colors, fonts, effects, backgrounds, and layouts available to you as defaults within the slides you create. Do notice that by default, all the Themes you see sport Widescreen aspect

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Learn PowerPoint for iPad: Running PowerPoint

When you launch PowerPoint on the iPad by tapping on its icon, you load up the interface. In this tutorial, we will provide you with a walk-through of this interface. Actions that take place as the result of tapping on the options available will be explained here – and will also be linked to more detailed tutorials elsewhere on this site. Learn how to get started with PowerPoint for iPad.

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Vimodi: Conversation with Afzal Amijee

Afzal Amijee is an entrepreneur with strong operational experience. He is the founder of Vimodi, a novel visual discussion app. He loves technology and has increasingly become interested in how to adapt technology to human interaction and not the other way. He adores simple and beautiful things in life and always tries to bring the "discipline of non-clutter" into his work and designs. Prior to

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

How can I create a new PowerPoint presentation on Office Mobile?

Yes, it's true – you cannot create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch using Office Mobile for the iPhone. Although you can create a Word document or an Excel sheet from scratch, the same is not true for PowerPoint presentations – there may be some workarounds but even then you are limited since you cannot add new slides to your presentations. Learn how to create a PowerPoint Presentation

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Open Files in Office Mobile

Once you add a place such as your SkyDrive account to the Open tab within Office Mobile for iPhone, you can normally open your files off your SkyDrive account as easily as you would open any local file – but there’s a caveat – you need to be connected online all the time for this to work. Learn how to open files in Office Mobile. Categories: ipad, iphone, office_365, office_mobile,

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Add SkyDrive Accounts to Office Mobile

We already showed you how you can navigate within a PowerPoint presentation within Office Mobile for iOS – now let us explore how you can open and save presentations saved in your SkyDrive account. When you sign in using your Office 365 account credentials, you immediately get access to all the files stored on the cloud for that particular Office 365 account. However, you may have a different

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Getting Started with using Office Mobile

OK – you finally bought an Office 365 subscription or used an existing one – installed Office Mobile and signed in! It’s now time to get started with this bunch of 3 programs – yes, the programs are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. When you launch Office Mobile for the first time, you see three sample files – one each for a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, and a PowerPoint presentation? Get

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Working with Presentations: Conversation with Kieran Chadha

Kieran Chadha is a senior presentation consultant at BrightCarbon, a consultancy in the U.K. that works with clients to present and sell with PowerPoint on iPads. He is also one of the U.K.'s leading authorities on creating effective presentations. He is passionate about improving the way that people present and communicate, and believes that everyone can do it with the right tools at their

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Sign in to Office Mobile

Launch Office Mobile for the first time on your iPhone or another compatible iOS device, and you'll have to see 4 screens (is this a slide presentation?) before you can even sign in! Swipe to the fifth screen and you finally come face to face with the Office Mobile Sign In page. Here's how you sign in to Office Mobile on an iOS device. Categories: ipad, iphone, office_365, office_mobile,

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Office Mobile: Cost, Renewal, and Benefits

While we have already established that there’s no cost involved in downloading and installing Office Mobile for iPhone, you will need to sign in using your Office 365 credentials to use any of the Office Mobile apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The most common Office 365 subscription is Office 365 Home Premium – this supports up to 5 iPhones (or other compatible iOS devices) with Office Mobile

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Will My Office 365 Subscription Support Office Mobile?

According to the Microsoft's announcement -- any Office 365 subscription plan which includes the full Office desktop applications can also work with the Office Mobile for iPhone. The Following are the Office 365 subscriptions and the device limits for iPhones with Office Mobile installed. Find out which Office 365 subscription plans include Office Mobile. Categories: ipad, iphone,

02/28/2017 06:33 AM

Why do I need Office 365 to run Office Mobile?

OK – you are used to installing apps on your iPhones and iPads – first download, and then run the app. You may have to pay for the app – and most of the time, your money gets into the pockets of Apple’s App Store even before you actually download the app. However, things are a little different with the Office Mobile app that lets you run Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on an iPhone – you will soon

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