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03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Making Finance Fun: An Ethos3 Design Story

This is a promoted post. At Ethos3, we work with several clients from a variety of industries. As a Content Strategist at the Nashville-based presentation design and training agency, I create content and mold narratives. Recently, I worked on a set of slides for Mark Harmon, a financial and retirement planning advisor. After discussing the details of his original presentation on our first

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Creating Gigantic PowerPoint Decks: Conversation with Chantal Bossé

Chantal Bossé got hooked on PowerPoint while doing instructional design in the mid-90s. Convinced there was a better way to present, she started CHABOS in 2004 and became a presentations & visual communications expert. She helps entrepreneurs, speakers, and trainers improve their presentations' impact by having a clear message, great visuals, and a memorable delivery, whether in French or English

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Designing Story Slides in PowerPoint: Learning from Ethos3

Designing slides for stories is different than designing a business-report presentation that you need to send to your boss. You may hear from purists who say that all slides must have stories, and to a large extent, I agree with them, Already distinctions between different slide types are getting blurred. To provide an example, it is entirely possible that a chart slide that shows sales figures

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

POPcomms: Using PowerPoint's Morph Transition Effect for Interactive Slide Navigation

A while ago, we showed you how POPcomms, a presentation design firm based in Bristol, UK used the new Morph transition effect in PowerPoint to create an amazing demo. To follow up, they have now created a new demo with Morph that uses the transition effect more as an interactive navigation tool. Take a look at this YouTube embed: I asked POPcomms' Damjan Haylor: You have used Morph to

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Spence-Chapin Brainshark Program: Conversation with Sabra Larkin

Sabra Larkin, director of communications for Spence-Chapin, has been working with staff for the past 10 years to help implement Spence-Chapin’s mission of finding loving homes for children in need both in the United States and internationally.Spence Chapin recently received a free Brainshark software license, as part of Brainshark’s Non-Profit Program – where Brainshark awards technology grants

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

PRojects: Conversation with Simon Newlyn

Simon Newlyn is a PowerPoint artisan. Based in London, he works for advertising, design and public relations agencies as well as for direct clients through PRojects. His PowerPoint experience therefore brings him into contact with a wide range of styles and presentation needs and for fun... Simon has animated the London tube map!In this conversation, Simon talks about PowerPoint inspiration, and

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Second Life for PowerPoint: Conversation with Lisa Lindgren

Lisa Lindgren has brought solid presentation advice to hundreds of thousands of people during her professional career. For nearly a decade she published the critically acclaimed Presenters University Web site and its monthly Presentation Pointers newsletter. Now a member of the Steering Committee for InfoComm's Presentations Council, she continues to work to enrich the industry and advocates for

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Denise Then: Holiday Cards with PowerPoint

I meet Denise Then at PowerPoint Live each year, and we talk about "snow" -- the fact that she sees snow all around her in Canada, and that I have never seen snow ever -- yes, it does snow in parts of India where I live -- just that I've never seen it yet.This year, Denise created a simple and personal holiday card using PowerPoint, and she emailed it to me. The card shows all the snow scenes

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Sales Psychology Australia: Conversation with Andre Vlcek

Andre Vlcek (pictured to the left) is an Australia-based sales consultant and Managing Director of Sales Psychology Australia. He specializes in designing and building advanced selling strategies for sales teams.In this discussion, Andre discusses the Visual Selling with PowerPoint concept that he evolved with Robert Lane.Geetesh: Tell us more about your concept of visual selling with PowerPoint

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

PowerPoint in Australian Parliament?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports an issue raised in the Australian parliament that will allow "MPs to use PowerPoint presentations during their speeches, saying Parliament should move from "Dickens's days" into the 21st century" It adds that "Mr Harris said PowerPoint presentations could allow MPs to better present their arguments. "The use of such material in presentations adds another

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Better Investor Decks in PowerPoint

Almost everyday someone is criticizing PowerPoint because they believe it makes people dumb -- and that's not even the larger problem. The larger problem is that it's so much easy to mention a problem without providing a solution!It is not everyday that someone actually does provide detailed solutions -- Tom Taulli is a noted financial blogger -- and he provides a wealth of knowledge on how you

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Create Slides on a Whiteboard

Life moves on to a full circle -- and so does technology. I was just reading this blog post on 8 Ways to Use a Whiteboard in Your Home Office -- and it struck me how often I like to use a whiteboard (or even a piece of white paper) to sketch out my ideas for a slide.We have a large whiteboard in the office here at Indezine.com that's always running out of white space! We add our list of things

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Creating Effective Presentations: A Podcast

It's true that there are several amazing examples of PowerPoint usage that up the ante on what you can do with slideware -- and it is equally true that the slides that most presenters come up with do almost nothing to help their presentations since these slides tend to confuse rather than help an audience.That's the reason why Jean-luc Doumont's podcast on Creating Effective Presentations

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

How To Make Conferences Great

I just read this inspiring article by Max Kalehoff on how conferences can be made better. It doesn't look like you to need to do much to make attendees happy; and yet many conference organizers won't even do that much!And yes, I did observe Max's comment on halting PowerPoint abuse: "I’m shocked at how many conferences will charge thousands of dollars for a ticket and then subject attendees to

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Poetry Slideshows in PowerPoint!

This is among the most interesting and original uses for PowerPoint that I have read about.Jill White, who has finished 10 years of teaching with Memphis City Schools uses PowerPoint with first graders so that they can add their poetry to PowerPoint slides with a picture. This works great because it's the first time the children use PowerPoint -- so it's nice to start with simple stuff. These

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Presentations Roundtable with Ric Bretschneider

Ric Bretschneider is Senior Program Manager for PowerPoint at Microsoft, and he just had his 15th anniversary working on the project! Ric's put up a great podcast on the new Presentations Roundtable site -- this podcast is just first of the many more podcasts you can look forward to hearing and downloading from this site.The premiere episode of the Presentations Roundtable podcast brings

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Mike Pearce: Using PowerPoint in School

Mike Pearce teaches social studies at Ellison High School in the Killeen Independent School District in Texas, USA. But Mike is not just another teacher -- he uses PowerPoint presentations to deliver a successful teaching system that has shown a phenomenal improvement in the results and passing rates.Read more here...Categories: case_studies, education, powerpoint

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Teacher Brings History To Present

Mike Pearce says the best history teachers in today's schools will tell stories, make students relate to the people and events and use technology in order to do both. Starting in 2001, when he was teaching eighth grade, Pearce began integrating his own lesson plans into a PowerPoint system. "It hits every learning style. We live in an electronic age and kids are now very impressed by instruction

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Designing the Perfect Presentation

Carmine Gallo, author of 10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business Communicators wrote a nice feature for BusinessWeek recently. He sent me this link, and it makes great reading -- he's discussing Duarte Design, a design firm based out of Mountain View headed by Nancy Duarte.As Carmine says:"Former Vice-President Al Gore raised the bar on presentation skills with An Inconvenient Truth.

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Building a Great PowerPoint Presentation

I came across this interesting article on creating a good PowerPoint presentation. Written by Jon Newsome, this short article explains how planning can help you create better PowerPoints.Read the article on the Gwinnett Business Journal site...Categories: case_studies, powerpoint

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

KsanLab: Conversation with Stas Kravets

Stas Kravets (pictured to the right) is COO of worldwide markets at KsanLab, a multimedia design company. Stas has worked in IT since 1997, acting as a product engineer, project manager and marketer. He has an MA in Applied Mathematics, and writes for online marketing media and for KsanLab's E-xperiential blog.Geetesh: Tell us more about yourself and your work.Stas: I am COO of worldwide markets

03/26/2017 05:37 PM

Small Businesses and Interns can be a good mix

"We've taught him how to move things around on a PowerPoint presentation and how to enlarge and emphasize certain things," said Steven Gardner, 21, one of two interns in Yeager's office early this summer. Gardner had learned about the software in school, he said. Gardner has also had some of the pictures he's taken appear in a Bronx weekly newspaper.More on the Westchester County Business Journal

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