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03/23/2017 09:14 PM

Apply 3-D Depth to Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Depth, as a parameter for 3-D objects, plays a very important role. In simple terms, Depth is the distance from the highest to the lowest, and typically has a value that’s larger than zero. Even though you rotate a shape that has a Depth of zero, you won’t see any optimum results. So, you can first rotate your object, but you must add Depth soon after. Learn how to apply 3-D depth to

03/23/2017 09:14 PM

3-D Rotation Options For Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

PowerPoint's 3-D options allow you to rotate shapes or add beveled edges. And these 3-D options are surprisingly powerful. In fact, some of these options are good enough to be compared to a basic 3-D program! While you can always apply a 3-D Rotation preset effect to a shape, you can actually rotate your shape in 3-D space on your own by altering the X, Y, and Z position coordinates. Explore

03/23/2017 09:14 PM

Apply 3-D Rotation Effects to Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Among all the Shape Effects in PowerPoint, the 3-D ones stand apart. For any of the 3-D effects to work, you must understand two important 3-D parameters. These two parameters are 3-D Rotation and 3-D Depth. Although you can rotate any shape that has a Depth of zero, you really cannot see any Depth within a flat object. Thus you must first rotate your object and then add Depth. Learn how to

03/23/2017 09:14 PM

3-D Format Options for Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

3-D Options in PowerPoint enable you to format the bevel style of a shape with many more options than those available in the conventional Bevel gallery. And when we say more, we actually mean a whole lot more! You can customize 3-D options such as contour, contour color, depth, depth color, materials, and lighting, almost like a full blown 3-D program. Explore 3-D Format options available

03/23/2017 09:14 PM

Free Perspector: Conversation with Steve Hards

Steve Hards plays with PowerPoint all the time, and creates add-ins. He was involved with Perspector, a 3D add-in for PowerPoint that enables users to manipulate shapes in 3D inside PowerPoint and to create all sorts of interesting effects. Until very recently the top of the three editions (Lists, Standard and Professional) sold for $299. Surprisingly, the Pro version is now freely available to

03/23/2017 09:14 PM

Presente3D: Conversation with Dennis Cafiero

Dennis Cafiero, the chief visionary for Presente3D, realized in 2011 that many of his customers were turned off to 3D because of the high cost in development. It just wasn't simple to make 3D unless you were a trained 3D professional. Before starting Presente3D, Dennis was Technical Director at EON Reality which provides 3D solutions for business and educational needs based on 3D Virtual

03/23/2017 09:14 PM

3D-Hub: Conversation with Don Brittain

Don Brittain is CEO and a founder of Instant Effects, a California company that develops software to visually enhance presentations, communications, and collaboration. Dr. Brittain has designed commercial interactive graphics software for more than two decades, having been VP Research at Wavefront Technologies and one of the principal architects of 3dsmax from Autodesk prior to helping found

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